Meng Zhentian (梦镇天: Heaven Suppression Dream) was born at the end of the Emperors Era. He was one of the competitors for the Heaven's Will in Immortal Emperor Ta Kong's generation. Even though they were fellow competitors, he and Ta Kong became blood brothers.[1]

Withdrawal from Competition

Meng Zhentian brazenly named a legion of his followers the Heaven Suppression Legion (镇天军团) after his own name. However, it was Black Dragon King's era; he reigned for three generations and even Immortal Emperors respected him, let alone others. Black Dragon King's own sect was named the Heaven Suppression City (镇天海城), so, when Black Dragon King encountered Meng Zhentian he wasn't pleased with the Legion's name and gave Meng Zhentian this evaluation:

“ A little legion playing around yet still dares to call itself Heaven Suppression? Not knowing your own limits. „
Black Dragon King about Meng Zhentian's legion[2]

Since he offended Black Dragon King and didn't want a direct confrontation with him, Meng Zhentian decided to withdraw from the competition for Heaven's Will and evade Black Dragon King's generation. He escaped back to the Heaven Spirit World and sealed himself.[2][1]

However, very few people were aware of the truth. Everyone else believed that Meng Zhentian gave up the Heaven's Will out respect for his blood brother Ta Kong.[1] Some people even praised him for being righteous and benevolent and his prestige became even better.[2]

Current Era

Meng Zhentian came out in the Current Era.[1]


He was eventually killed by Li Qiye.[3]





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