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Mei Suyao (梅素瑶: Apricot Jade Essence) is the current sucessor of the Eternal River School.[1]

She is the only cultivator in the current generation, at least in the Mortal Emperor World, who possess the Immortal Bone.[1]

Mei Suyao is a world-renowned genius and considered to be one of the main competitors for the Heaven's Will in the current generation of the Mortal Emperor World, along with Jikong Wudi.

She first appeared in a dao preaching event organized by the Lion's Roar Country to preach about the grand dao. She met Li Qiye at the event and asked him for his insight about her preaching.[2]

Later, she met him again when they were climbing the World Tree followed by many admirers and followers. Li Qiye warned to not use the Alaya Heavenly Flagrant Dao[3] on him or there will be consequences and he told her to change her attitude and stop running around being a saintess or goddess; cause it would only waste the Alaya Heavenly Flagrant Dao[3] created by Xiu Shui.[4]

She appeared again when Li Qiye first came back from the Stone Medicine World when he was going to the Holy City. He complimented about her change in attitude and gave her another harsh teaching before leaving.[5]

She appeared again at the Buddhist Burial Plateau where Li Qiye let her read his memories where she cried and smiled which eventually led her to join Li Qiye as his general.[6][7]

Tenth World

She was among many people whom Li Qiye brought to the Tenth World with him after he became an Immortal Emperor. After seperated from Li Qiye she arrived at the Arrogance Continent and joined the Celestial Academy here and became the student of Emperor Mansion.[8][9]


A woman adorned with a snow-white outfit arrived by treading on the moon. She carried an unrivaled ethereal appearance like a descending goddess — like a fairy beneath the moonlight. The pen and ink could not describe this woman nor her transcending aura. It was as if the flames and smoke of mundanity could not touch her peerless grace. Her shape was just perfect — a bit skinnier would be too thin; a bit more round would be too plump. Both her features and figure could be considered supreme.


Alaya Heavenly Flagrant Dao



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