Mei Aoxue (梅傲雪: Overbearing Snow), also known as Icebound Young Noble, is the descendant of Immortal Emperor Yu Long and big brother of Mei Aonan.[1]

He was the current Prime Descendant of the Jianlong Clan.[1]

After meeting Li Qiye, Mei Aoxue and Mei Aonan, under their master's advice, chose to seal themselves. Mei Aoxue came out first and became the second Immortal Emperor of the Current Era after Li Qiye.[2]

Mei Aoxue ascended to the Tenth World and met with Li Qiye. After they talked Li Qiye send him to meet with Jianlong Clan's Immortal Emperors.[2]



  • Mei Aoxue is one of the few beings who know that Li Qiye is the legendary Dark Crow.[2]
  • While he became an Immortal Emperor, it is unknown what title he chose.[2]


  • 1 character(s) killed by Mei Aoxue
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