The Marvelous Immortal Physique is a renowned Immortal Physique created by the Middle Continent Ancient Kingdom.[1]

The Marvelous Immortal Physique is actually the Bu Clan's Bloodline from the Tenth World,[note 1] but it is mistakenly treated as an Immortal Physique in the Nine Worlds.


It seems that Marvelous Immortal Physique enables the cultivator to have a terrible strength, capable of crush laws with a hand and kill Godkings with a kick.[1] It seems similar to the Sky Destroyer Immortal Physique


  • 1 Character(s) with Marvelous Immortal Physique


    1. Some legends tell that the Bu Clan came from the immortal world and their Immortal Physique came also from there. Since they are native from the Tenth World, Marvelous Immortal Physique should be a Bloodline.
    2. It is not one of the 12 Immortal Physiques from the Nine Worlds. It is literally from "out of this world".
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