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Martial Ancestor derived his Dao from the Physique scripture.[1]


One of them wasn’t especially tall and sturdy but still gave off the sense of being an immovable pillar or mountain. His body seemingly possessed incalculable weight.

He was slovenly dressed with no shirt on. This made him look quite bold and adventurous. His muscles were built beyond imagination. His abs had clear outlines; each muscle had been sculpted through numerous trials. His tanned skin looked like bronze. Thus, he gave off a reassuring presence.

His bulging muscles and veins looked like dragons. He could probably push up the sky or tear a true dragon apart.

This was clearly a physique cultivator capable of withstanding powerful attacks from weapons.[3]


  • Twelve Variations[4]


  • Martial Dao Truncheon: created by Martial Ancestor in order to seal his heart devil.[5]


  • His fame was built on his might and martial arts with deadly techniques.[2]
  • He had spent a lot of effort on his system but since he had left for so long, those he cared about were no longer there. Thus, he wouldn’t really mind it if Li Qiye had destroyed his system. It had nothing to do with the emotionlessness of a top master. This was an issue of time erasing everything.[3]



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