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He is one of the Ten Eternal Geniuses. He was born in the same generation as Tian Tu and was his main rival for the Heaven's Will. To prevent the Ancient Ming from getting an Immortal Emperor, Dark Crow offered him help and protection. However, as one of the Ten Eternal Geniuses, he believed that he can win without anyone help and arrogantly refused the offer. Alas, he was defeated by Tian Tu and escaped to the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. He burried himself at the Sky Reaching Peak.[1][2]

Current Era

Li Qiye came to the Sky Reaching Peak to escape from Martial God and Lion Monarch Ba Xian. Li Qiye was disappointed to see that the man is still as arrogant and stubborn as back then.[3]

Several years later Li Qiye returned to the Sky Reaching Peak and asked the man to become protector of the Nine Worlds once Li Qiye left for the Tenth World. However, he was too afraid of Tian Tu and Ancient Ming even millions years after.[2]


  • His name is possibly Jian Jingxian (箭惊仙)


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