Founded by Alchemy Immortal, the progenitor of the Longevity System, Longevity Valley is its orthodox branch. Nevertheless it does not over impose on their subjects.[1]

The sect is not an actual valley but rather a massive mountain range, full of life like a green dragon laying on the ground.

One can smell a faint medicinal fragrance even before reaching the mountain range. The Valley possesses the highest amount of materials and ingredients in Myriad Lineage and their gardens are superior to the other sects and systems. Also their cultivated seeds are the finest. It is estimated that more than half of all the ingredients on the market come from the Valley.[2]

Alchemy Immortal also planted three trees - Sword Pine, Wutong Phoenix Tree and a part of the Three Immortals Tree - which grew along with the sect and after so many years, they have become quite old, definitely the most ancient existences in the Valley.[3]

The Lord of Longevity Valley, Longevity Sage, is one of the two great daoist sages in Myriad Lineage and rules the Longevity System.[4]

The status of the Valley as the main branch of the system is disputed by Everlasting Kingdom.


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