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Longevity Treasures (寿宝) are one of the two main types of weapons used by cultivators (another are Fate Tools).[1]

Technically, the Longevity Treasures are not a traditional weapons; they are rather, treasures with the shape of a weapon.[2]

Cultivator can start to use a Longevity Treasure once he reaches the Blood Strengthening stage of the Physique Accumulation level.[1]

A Longevity Treasure's main use is to prolong one's life, it can strengthen the flesh and feed the Blood Energy of its possessor; it could even refine the Longevity Blood of a cultivator. It is also have a pivotal support role in combat because it could quickly replenish the Blood Energy that was depleted during battle. It could even provide a burst of strength for the cultivator, increasing his combat effectiveness. Every cultivator have at least one Longevity Treasure.[2][1]

The Longevity Treasures are created from materials such as Life Rings.[3]


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