During his youth, Alchemy Immortal found the Alchemy Scripture of Emperor Nong. Later he used his Longevity Scripture to create the system.[1]

Currently it is weaker than Yang Radiance Sect or Vermillion Martial Court,[2] but with a similar overall status because of its Longevity Pills, which are considered the best in Myraid Lineage.[3]

Its ruler, Longevity Sage, is one of the two great daoist sages in Myriad Lineage, famous alongside the other sage, the sect master of Yang Radiance with the title of Untethered. Her cultivation is unfathomable.[4]




  • Longevity Valley
    • Hundred-Pills Gate
    • Ye Clan[5]
    • Nourish School[5]
    • Flying Snow Kingdom[5]
  • Everlasting Kingdom
    • Alchemy King Valley[6]
    • Sacred Pill Kingdom[6]
    • Roundstone Sect[6]
    • Moving Sun Gate[5]
    • Buddhist Lotus[5]
    • Yellow River Island[5]
    • Cai Clan[7]



  • 1 Sect(s) from Longevity System
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