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There two theories about what Longevity Spirits really are: One said that they are a type of monster raised by the world and the other that they are demons with the blood of immortal devils. Most people believed in the second and considered them to be evil creatures.[1]


Longevity Spirits are like ghosts as they could move without being detected. They could absorb the power of the heaven and earth and kill an enemy using the grand dao. Longevity Spirits are very sly creatures, they normally lurk on shadows and patiently chase a prey. When chance arises, they will kill it in one-hit and suck its blood.[1]

Longevity Spirits are hunted for their Longevity Blood and their Life Rings. Life Rings could be refined into Longevity Treasures, while their Longevity Blood is the main component of blood medicines.[1]

The strength of Longevity Spirit depends on its age:[1]


  • Jiu Lu (九鹿) 3000 years old Longevity Spirit[4]
  • Sinister Bird Plant (鬼蒲鸟) 50,000 years old Longevity Spirit[1]
  • Wretched Plant Spirit (树狈精)[1]


  • 27 Appearance(s) of Longevity Spirits
  • 1 Event(s) in which Longevity Spirits participated
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