She is the lord of Longevity Valley, the ruler of Longevity System, and one of the two great daoist sages in Myriad Lineage alongside Untethered the sect master of Yang Radiance Sect. Her cultivation is unfathomable.

She is well-respected and the valley continues to grow under her leadership.


She is rather beautiful, around the age of thirty. When Li Qiye met her, she wore a loose robe fluttering with the wind but this did not deter others from seeing her wondrous curves. This hidden jewel made others want to carefully appreciate it even more. One could see her a hundred times without becoming bored.

She looks heroic and has the graceful temperament of a daoist. Her complexion is as bright as the moon and eyes as dazzling like the stars and willowy eyebrows. One would not be shocked seeing her for the first time, but her beauty requires time and patience. Each time seeing her again, people would find something new.



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