She is the current Lord of Longevity Hall.

She was already an Everlasting during the last generation because of her brilliance, the youngest one too. She was praised as the next ultimate genius in Longevity Hall after Everlasting Jiang. However, she didn’t come out in this current generation until Li Qiye arrived in the System.


A woman around the age of thirty. She had the charm of maturity on her side, ripe like a honey peach with full breasts, round and ample buttocks, and a thin waist. Her figure was perfectly sculpted, nothing too much and nothing too little. When she first met Li Qiye, she wore a long dress and looked like a noble, only adding to the temptation.

All in all, her supreme temperament, mature style, and an air of nobility took the men’s breath away. Lotus blossomed beneath her feet as she walked towards Li Qiye.


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