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The Longevity Fruit is a King Medicine. It was born in the Lost Alchemy Garden of Immortals.[1]

Current Era

Li Qiye visited the Lost Alchemy Garden of Immortals and the Longevity Fruit was one of the many Medicines that decided to leave the Garden with him. In fact he found two Longevity Fruit: one can prolong one's lifespan by 800 years, another - by 600 years.[2]

Li Qiye gave the "600 years" Longevity Fruit to Golem Square to exchange it for some treasures at the Golem Square Auction.[3][1] He exchanged it for the Little Wooden Horse.[4]


The Longevity Fruit has the shape of a potato, it has a shade of purple in the dark.[1]


The Longevity Fruit is a powerful Longevity Medicine. While it is only a King Medicine, in term of effect on one's lifespan it is even better than some of the Immortal Medicines. Unlike other Longevity Medicines, the Longevity Fruit is neither care for user's Cultivation Level nor is affected by the previous usage of other Longevity Medicines, it would always increase one's lifespan by the same number of years.[1]


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