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Long Zhantian was born in the Soaring Immortal Sect at the end of Immortal Emperor Qian Li's generation. He was a supreme genius with Grand Completion Soaring Immortal Physique at a young age, and wanted to vie for the Heaven's Will against Yin Tian. Alas, due to the agreement with Dark Crow, the Soaring Immortal Sect had to went into seclusion so Long Zhantian lost the chance to become Immortal Emperor.[1][2]

This had always haunted him so later on he joined Immortal Emperor Ren Xian's branch and became one of its leaders.[1]

Current Era

Due to his unrealized ambitions Long Zhantian could no longer endure the Soaring Immortal Sect's seclusion. He went against all oppositions and forced the Sect to return to the Mortal Emperor World. He supported Long Aotian to vie for the Heaven's Will and even became his Dao Protector.[3][2]


  • 2 Technique(s) used by Long Zhantian


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