She lived during the Archtruth Epoch, one of the Epochs long before the Desolate Era.[1]

While her entire world was destroyed she herself was cursed and sealed inside of the yellow cloth. The curse was so powerful that even millions of years later it was still very active.[?]

The yellow cloth eventually landed in the Stone Medicine World there it was discovered by Dark Crow. To supress its curse he asked a Godking under his banner to establish a sect above the place. Godking created the Heavenly Peak Divine School, alas some future disciples tried to uncover the yellow cloth and inadvertently released the curse that destroyed the Heavenly Peak Divine School.[?]

In the Current Era Li Qiye returned to the Stone Medicine World and visited the Heavenly Peak Divine School's ruins. He digged out the yellow cloth and discovered the girl inside of it.[?]

Several years later Li Qiye helped the girl to dispel the curse with the Cleansing Temporal Crystal.[2]

In the Tenth World, Li Qiye brings her to a special pond left behind by her father, shortly after the defense of the Celestial Academy. She explains that her father has ventured back and forth between the Three Immortals World and the Tenth World and that ultimately he gave up on his fight to the end. Li Qiye states that his end of the promise was held up by bringing her to the pond. He then bids her goodbye, and leaves smiling.[3]


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