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Long Aotian was the successor of the Soaring Immortal Sect.[1]

He was killed by Li Qiye.[2]


Mortals kneeled and cultivators rembled before this aura.

Heavenly flowers and amazing trees were inside this light while the deer ran among them. When this grand dao appeared, it looked as if an immortal world was being opened.

His robe fluttered as he was being accompanied by the laws and hymns of the grand dao. He emitted a radiance akin to an ascension ceremony. All were waiting for his blessing; the myriad existences in the world prostrated before him.

He was above the nine heavens and looked down on the myriad realms and their inhabitants. In this particular moment, he solemnly assumed the role of an emperor.

When his eleven palaces emerged above his head, an undying might drowned the world, giving him an insuperable position.

A primordial energy rained down with his steps as if he came from the origin of the world, the beginning of the grand dao. The world was his alone! Even those who haven’t seen him before shuddered in fear.

This name, full of charisma, represented nobility, invincibility, and all that was bright!


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