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Li Chuqing was the princess of Waterfront Pavilion with the most precious bloodline. She was Li Qiye's wife and queen of the Nine Secrets System.[1]


As part of his schemes to deal with his enemies, Lucidity King had named Li Qiye as his successor, while assigning 5 women to become his concubines. Of the 5 women, 4 of them decided to find excuses to avoid become his concubine, while only Liu Chuqing decided to uphold the promise that was made.

Initially, she was just trying to keep the agreement going, but eventually she fell in love with Li Qiye and became his wife.

Following the battle in the Stone Harmony System, the hiding Lucidity King and Sun Lengying collaborated with the Mu Clan to kidnap Liu Chuqing from the palace in order to lure Li Qiye to the Mu System, but she was rescued halfway by True Emperor Jiu Ning.[2][3]

She didnt't follow Li Qiye to Immortal Lineage World, but before departing he gave her to Nine Immortals Rope to control the system.[4]

After Li Qiye departed from Imperial Lineage World, Li Chuqing became the ruler of Nine Secrets System.


It is described that just the sight of her could brighten the eyes. She resembles a piece of jade deep in the valley, green and pure with water seemingly dripping off and permeating into the soul of the spectators.

Well-defined brows, eyes like the morning stars, curly and animated eyelashes - her soft face looks like a piece of art with perfect proportions, whether it be her straight and tall nose, plump red lips or jade cheeks. People would never get tired of looking at her.

Her face has a hint of innocent unlike her tall figure - proud peaks and round bottom that cannot be hidden beneath her dress. This makes her look mature like a ripened strawberry, but her innocent and angelic face is refreshing - washing away all temptation and lust.

When Li Qiye first met her, it was described that her black hair draping on top of her shoulders fluttered to the wind with a misty glow, causing her to look transcending.[1]

She is shown to be doted on by Li Qiye, and he goes out of his way for her benefit.


She learned "Lin" word of Nine Secrets in her sect. Later Li Qiye gave her to all Nine Secrets.[5]


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