Little Silly was innately special and could even be considered supremely peerless. However, when it was young, it’s life essence was very weak and needed to transform over and over again.[?]

Because of this, Dark Crow, after capturing it from the Ancient Earth[?], had entrusted it to Immortal Emperor Min Ren to take care of it in the west of the Evil Infested Ridge. That was a forbidden ground, and it was the most suitable home for Little Silly.[1]

As long as there was an ample amount of time, one day, Little Silly would become an existence that even the gods would fear! In reality, several ten thousand years ago, Little Silly was already frighteningly powerful enough.[?]

Little Silly also served as a back-up plan of Li Qiye to deal with the Evil Typha Tree in case it ever reappeared.[2]


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However, during Dark Crow's last slumber, Little Silly was unexpectedly killed.[1]


When Li Qiye regained his original body and entered the Evil Infested Ridge at the start of the Current Era, he discovered what Little Silly was completely destroyed with nothing but dao bone left behind.[1]

He resolves to try and resurrect it. He nourishes it with worldy essence in his Fate Palace before finding the Terra Root. Then he leaves it in the White Tiger Vein to absorb the World Essence there and hopefully be reborn a hundred thousand years later.[3]


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