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Lithodidae Overlord is a descendant of the Lithodidae Sea God. He is a current ruler of the Regal Valley. His notoriety was not only built on his ancestor's shadow. He himself was quite powerful and stood out even in the vast Dragon Demon Sea.[1]

Xiong Qianbei

Lithodidae Overlord chased after Xiong Qianbei to obtain the Wooden Coffin. Xiong Qianbei accidentally run into Li Qiye, Liu Ruyan and Zhuo Jianshi and pleaded for help. Li Qiye recognised the Wooden Coffin and declared to Lithodidae Overlord that Xiong Qianbei was now under his protection. Lithodidae Overlord couldn't do anything and was forced to leave.[1][2]

Trying to kill Li Qiye

After being provoked by Li Qiye, Lithodidae Overlord used his ancestor's decree to control Emperor Kraken. He ordered it to attack Li Qiye, but Li Qiye used its low intelligence to easily defeat Emperor Kraken.[3]

Li Qiye then was attacked by Lithodidae Overlord's five generals.[4]

Five Generals


He was killed by Liu Ruyan.[5]


He is a burly man with the aura of a tyrannical king that could look down on the entire world. He wore a tight robe, showing off the details of his muscles. His body was surging with power, especially when he clenched his fists, lightning seemed to run through his entire being. He resembled a mad dragon that could destroy the world anytime. His forehead was covered with markings, making him look like a giant crab. Although they made him uglier, they also added to his vicious yet regal aura.[1]


He is notorious for being ruthless; he would massacre someone's entire race for opposing him. Furthermore, he also enjoyed hunting famous people and young talents with great potential even if they didn't provoke him. In fact, he had a penchant for hunting rare races as well. He enjoyed certain abnormal acts such as taking their heads or other precious things as trophies. He had hunted enemies more powerful than himself and even poisonous and ferocious creatures. More often than not, it wouldn't be through a head-on confrontation since he was a man of subterfuge. Traps and outnumbering his quarry were some of the methods he would employ in his hunt.[1]



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