The Country now known as the Lion's Roar Country was created by the Chi Clan, descendants of the Hundred Battles Godking, at the end of the Ancient Ming Era.[?]

Hundred Battles Godking was a meritorious general under Dark Crow; for his service Dark Crow supported Chi Clan for three generations after the death of the Godking in accordance with his promise.[?]

However over time the Country used up all of the resources Dark Crow left them and began to decline for millions of years.[?]

Difficult Dao Era

At the end of the Difficult Dao Era a female from the Chi Clan married the descendant of Lion Monarch Ba Xian, Lion's Roar Heavenly King. He was a powerful cultivator with a Saint Physique at the Grand Completion; he could be considered a top character within the Hundred Cities region. With him joining the Country, it stabilized and began to recover its power. Moreover, both the Country and the Sect were renamed as "Lion's Roar".[1]

Current Era

Dozens of years later, in the generation of Lion's Roar Heavenly King's grandchilds, the Lion's Roar Country recovered some of its former power and glory. At least it became much more powerful compared to the truly fallen Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[1]


Lion's Roar Country is the Country situated in the Hundred Cities region of the Mortal Emperor World.[1]


  • Lion's Roar Gate: The main sect of the Country, created by Chi Clan. The Chi Clan rule the Gate and the Gate rule the Country.
  • Chi Clan Ancestral Temple: The old temple where the Chi Clan descendants worships their ancestor, Hundred Battles Godking. However in the current times the temple has fallen into disrepair with weeds growing everywhere.
  • Imperial Capital: The Country's capital from which the Lion's Roar Royal Lord rules over. this is also the place where Mei Suyao held her dao preaching event.
  • Ancestral Divine Region: The most remote fiefdom of the Lion's Roar Country, the Ancestral Divine temple is located in this region.


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