Ling Fengyun was born during Immortal Emperor Hao Hai's generation in the Heaven Spirit World. He came from a small sect and was a Stone Golem - a minority in the Heaven Spirit World. Due to his lacking background, Ling Fengyun cultivated ordinary Merit Laws and they left flaws in his foundation. Because of these flaws he gave up on becoming an Immortal Emperor and choose the Path of the Grand Era instead.[1][2]

Roaring Conch

When Ling Fengyun was young, the Roaring Conch once saved his life. Because of this, he became a sworn brother of River Devourer. According to rumors Ling Fengyun even taught River Devourer how to cultivate and helped him to become a Sea God.[1]

Emperor Assailant

Eventually, despite his lacking foundation, Ling Fengyun reached the Legendary Godking level and became one of the strongest beings of his generation. Throughout his lifetime, Ling Fengyun has only lost to Immortal Emperor Hao Hai.[1]

According to rumors, even after Immortal Emperor Hao Hai took the Heaven's Will, Ling Fengyun could still last several hundred moves against him.[1] In truth, Immortal Emperor Hao Hai appreciated Ling Fengyun's talent and achievements, so he didn't use the Heaven's Will or weapons and fought unarmed. Ling Fengyun, on the other hand, made perfect preparation and even borrowed an Immortal Emperor True Treasure from the Gu Chun's Four Branches to exert his strongest battle potential. Ling Fengyun managed to last for two hundred moves before losing, but he paid a great price because of this battle. Not only did he consumed a monstrous amount of Blood Energy, he also expended a shocking portion of his lifespan near the point of depletion.[3]

Ling Fengyun sealed himself to recuperate for a long time, but even in the Current Era he haven't fully recovered.[3]

Current Era

After Li Qiye killed Seashield Heavenly Prince and Roaring Conch Overlord, the Roaring Conch asked Ling Fengyun for help.[1] He attacked Li Qiye together with other Emperor Assailants like Stygian Monarch, Shen Mengtian, Imperial Dualchild and Driedtree Divine Ancestor who wanted the Reincarnation Nine Leaves and the secret to 13 Fate Palaces. They were all defeated, but Li Qiye spared Ling Fengyun.[4]


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