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Lin Miao was a disciple of Dongting Lake's Lin Clan. She attended the 8000th birthday celebration of the Jian clan ancestor, where she met Li Qiye.

After learning that the ancestors of her clan had betrothed her to the Bloodshark Scion she felt betrayed and abandoned. This lead to her relying on Li Qiye for protection. After he defended her and killed the Bloodshark Scion she developed feelings for Li Qiye.

She returned to Dongting Lake under the leadership of Li Qiye, and was the first disciple to side with him against the ancestors of the Lake.

After the battle against the Bloodshark Sovereign and Shangguan Feiyan's armies, Li Qiye took a moment to give her guidance on her future path and encourage her to step into a leadership role for the Lake.

Eight Desolates

Lin Miao is one of the inhabitants of the Nine Worlds who was confirmed to have lived until the Eight Desolates Epoch.[1] She was known as Saint Miao of Dongting Lake in Eight Desolates.

She and Martial Saint was once famous in previous epoch. They lead their legion and were unstoppable, influencing the flow of the world for millions of years. Her intelligance and dao compeherension was matchless, and helped Military Saint to her expeditions. When she was making plans, Military Saint was doing commander.

Later she asked trigram about certain individiual, most likely Li Qiye, to Heart Ghost Tribe but tribe couldn't answer her. After Great Calamity, she didn't heard in Eight Desolates appear.[1]

Six Heavenly Continents

Lin Miao is one of the few inhabitants of the Eight Desolates who had successfully ascended to the Six Heavenly Continents.[2] She participated frigid Battle of the Grand Dao and managed live through.

Later on, she and Hong Yujiao waited for immortal's return in Immortal Peak but eventually died in sitting posture. Before they died they put their wisp of soul in medicine to wait for immortal. [3]

Li Qiye sealed their remnants souls in soul boat before they dissipiated.[4]


  • 1 Event(s) in which Lin Miao participated


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