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The Life Wheel (寿轮) is one of the three main attributes of the Cultivation; every person is born with the Physique, Life Wheel, and Fate Palace.[1]

There was a saying regarding the Life Wheel. A tree had its growth rings, and a human has the Life Wheel. The Life Wheel was located inside the body, but it was not of physical form. It was a light that was continuously spinning. At first, without any special external tools, only the cultivator himself could see his Life Wheel. However, after successful cultivation, the Life Wheel would appear behind one’s head[2]; its shape and light would determine the strength of one’s blood energy and longevity (how long a person could potentially live).[1][3]

If a mortal lived his life without any accident, then the Life Wheel would determine his lifespan.

Overexerting of one's Blood Energy may cause damage to the Life Wheel.[4]


The Life Wheel is innately gifted and can't be changed under normal circumstances.[3]

The Life Wheel have the following ranking from lowest to highest:[3]


The Physique determined one’s bone and muscular structures, the Life Wheel dealt with one’s blood energy, and the Fate Palace indicated one’s innate aptitude and natural enlightenment


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