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Life Treasures (宝器: Treasure Tools)[note 1] are one of the two subtypes of the Fate Tools (another is True Treasures).[1]

Life Treasures and True Treasures are the real force of cultivators. They have great usage in both defensive and offensive means. Their main use is to protect the Fate Palace and attack the enemy. Life Treasures are less powerful than the True Treasures, but more powerful than Longevity Treasures and common weapons.[2]

Cultivators could use many different Life Treasures and even inherit a Life Treasure from someone else.[2]

Cultivator of at least the Inner Longevity level can create his or her own Life Treasure[2] from rare materials like Grand Dao Treasure Metals, Dao Bones, etc.[3]



  • 41 Appearance(s) of Life Treasures


    1. In Chapter #0032(WuxiaWorld) they were mentioned as 普通命器 which can be translated as Ordinary Fate Tools.
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