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Life Reduction (寿衰) is one of the two great disasters that every cultivator should face. It is even worse than the Fate Calamity. This disaster would appear at the last step of Heavenly King stage and it would be necessary surpass it to reach the Virtuous Paragon level. The Life Reduction is the withering from the heavens. When Life Reduction descends, it would accelerate the aging of cultivators. Their blood energy and lifespan would quickly dried up. If they couldn’t withstand this trial, they would die from old age. Without their blood energy, cultivators could only use the power of the grand dao to deal with their Life Reduction.[1]

The Life Reduction's difficulty depends on the stability of person's cultivation. While quickly rising one's level of cultivation may be beneficial in the short-term perspective, it will leave behind defects. These defects will be a fatal danger later on; especially during the Fate Calamity and the Life Reduction.[2]


The Life Reduction manifests itself as red clouds that come together to form a mirror. This mirror projects a red demonic light that sticks onto the cultivator's body and is imposible to evade.[1]


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