Lie Jie is a member of the Lie Clan.[1]

Alchemy Conference

Prior to Li Qiye's appearance in the capital, Lie Jie was considered to be the main representative of the Giant Bamboo Country for the Alchemy Conference by the Country's Royal Lord, Demon King Zi Yan.[2]


Lie Jie was infuriated to hear that he was replaced by Li Qiye. Lie Jie gathered some members of his clan and went to threaten him.[3]

Li Qiye ignored him, but Lie Jie provoked him again and again.[4][5]

Eventually, Li Qiye sent the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron to destroy the Lie Clan's Fire Source. The Fire Source exploded, rushed into the Lie Clan and killed Lie Jie.[6]


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