Lie Clan was quite an influential clan in the Giant Bamboo Country. They are related to the Qing Clan. They possessed the Fire Source that produced Heavenly Cauldrons so they became quite good at alchemy. They were considered an alchemist clan in the capital.[1]

Current Era

In the Current Era, a member of Lie Clan, Lie Jie provoked Li Qiye several times so Li Qiye sent the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron to destroy the Fire Source. The Fire Source exploded and blew away Clan's ancestral ground. Clan's ancestors wanted to suppress the blast but were incinerated by the scorching Fire Source. The Fire Source soared into the sky and rushed into the Lie Clan, killing Lie Jie.[2]


Lie Clan is situated in the Giant Bamboo Country.[1]



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