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This Fire Source was created by Dark Crow during the Ancient Ming Era or maybe even earlier.[1][note 1]

Lie Clan

At some point Lie Clan found this Fire Source and established their Clan above it. Thanks to it they became quite good at alchemy.[2]


In the Current Era, a member of Lie Clan, Lie Jie provoked Li Qiye several times so Li Qiye sent the Myriad Heavenly Cauldron to destroy the Fire Source. The Fire Source exploded and blew away Lie Clan's ancestral ground. Clan's ancestors wanted to suppress the blast but were incinerated by the scorching Fire Source. The Fire Source soared into the sky and rushed into the Lie Clan, killing Lie Jie.[1]


It can produce Heavenly Cauldrons.[2]


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    1. It was said in Chapter #0620(WuxiaWorld) that Li Qiye never visited the capital after Yan'er's death, he always stayed outside. So, he could've create the Fire Source only before Yan'er's death, and that was at the end of the Ancient Ming Era.
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