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Her features are exquisitely sculpted like a work of art. One would be hard-pressed to notice any flaw. Her eyes are as bright as the stars at night, shining like the luster of gems, eyebrows resembling the far mountains with a unique charm to them - instilling a deep impression to any spectator.

She is a transcending beauty, without giving the feeling of being otherworldly but real. She looks like a piece of jade deep in a valley - precious and flawless, an ultimate treasure.

Her aura commands attention even more than her beauty since she looks like a dominating ruler, ready to fight whenever and wherever. One should describe her as being decisive and determined. She purposely hides her aura yet each of her actions still look as dominating as ever, indicative of her strength.

This duality of conflicting traits does not seem out of place, just enough to demand respect and fear.

When Li Qiye first saw her at the Stone Harmony System, she wore a sapphire blue dress with a white moon embroidery. The bottom spread out like a peacock tail but not in a gaudy manner for it was full of elegance.[2]


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