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Dao of Seven Nights[]

  • Li Qiye's Grand Primordial Dao used for the Path of Heavens, matured in the Nine Worlds.

Kun Peng's Six Variants[]

Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law[]

Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law[]

  • Originally an evil technique that makes one forcefully refine themselves into a cauldron using refined daylight flames. The Dark Crow found this technique to be brilliant thus he tweaked the merit law and made it into one of the top five most offence techniques. This allows the using to refine daylight and turn them into nine suns which can incinerate anything.

Grass Sword Attacking Immortal Law[]

  • He gained this technique after stealing tombs from legendary figures in the cemetery and gave it to Xu Pei, who passed a version of it to the (martial) clan. in the Eight Desolates he passed the technique to Xu Yiyun to accompany the Celestial Grass Sword, which he also gifted to her.

Trinity Swords[]

  • He gained this technique by understanding the secrets of the Six Dao Sword. It is divided into three arts:
    • Sky Sword  (天剑)
    • Earth Sword (地剑)
    • Mortal Sword (人剑)
  • He gave the sword to Li Shuangyan, who also studied its dao. Later, in the Eight Desolates the sword found its way to Duality Academy's Dugu Lan, who used it to derive the Trinity Sword Art.

Heaven Traversing Eight Saber[]

  • He gained this technique after stealing tombs from legendary figures in the cemetery. It belonged to the Wu Clan’s Progenitor, referred by others during his era as the Martial God.
  1. River Crossing First Slash (一刀横江): A slash that cuts across the sky like a torrential river.
  2. Hatred Aqua Second Slash (二刀恨水): A saber that covers the sky without leaving any openings.
  3. Void Circle Third Slash (三刀无环): A slash that comes out as a flash with unparalleled speed, capable to take down the sun and moon in the sky.
  4. Overlord Fourth Slash (四刀霸王): A slash with an indescribable might that had the power to flip over mountains and shatter the world.
  5. Heaven Traversing Fifth Slash (五刀横天): A slash that can seal heaven and earth.
  6. God Slaying Saber (六刀屠神): A variaton that causes the saber intent to go completely wild, cutting down everything in its path.

Thousand Hands Against the Nine Worlds[]

  • A technique created by Myriad Images True God, a General under the Dark Crow. It allows one to create thousands of hands which can lift the 3000 worlds. This also allows one to easily multitask using different techniques an weapons. He passed it to Chi Xiaodie.

Resplendent Break[]

  • A secret technique he gained in the Soaring Remembrance Village. It was hidden and left behind by Emperor Qian. It was found by Emperor Fei Yang(unknown creator). The technique is capable of utilizing the full potential of any weapon. Anything could be the medium for this technique; even a blade of grass could unleash a brilliant strike. Once utilized, the grass would burn all of its life essence and will to survive. Everything would be put into this one blow. It even allows one to use the ultimate technique or a true treasure & life treasure receptively no matter the creator. (Immortal Emperors included) The only downside is it requires a lot of blood energy to activate.
  • The only reason that Li Qiye can use it is due to him having a Primordial Body. Otherwise, with a Mortal Life Wheel, his 'cup' using the Yin Yang Sea of Blood would not be large enough to even use a single Resplendent Break before his body instantly dies of old age.

Dragon-Subduing Palm[]

  • An extremely ancient technique with a shocking origin that was given to Li Qiye by Huang Jiaofu. It had two astonishing effects. The first was to stop a weapon and the second was to use softness to redirect any amount of force.[9]

Myriad Fists[]

  • It is a technique created by Li Qiye in the Current Era. He first used it in his battle with Di Zuo.[10] It bases many of the twelve fists variants on the 12 immortal physique laws and uses the Thousand Hands against the Nine Worlds.
  • Solar Fist: Based off of the Solar Immortal Physique. It creates a sun that manifests an endless daytime; it's virtually impossible to break through the spatial gap.
  • Indestructible Diamond Fist: Based off of the Indestructible Diamond Immortal Physique. It's impossible to penetrate this fist.
  • Extreme Yang Fist: Based off of the Extreme Yang Physique. It generates a fist that's extremely hot and could melt everything.
  • Soaring Immortal Fist: Based off of the Soaring Immortal Physique. It's the fastest fist in the world.
  • Void Fist: Based off of the Void Physique. It hides itself in the void and then strikes, making it extremely difficult to detect.
  • Heaven Devourer Fist: Based off of the Heaven Devourer Evil Physique. It generates a black hole that sucks in and absorbs enemies' attacks.
  • Void Imperfection Fist: Based off of the Void Imperfection Physique. It renders the fist unaffected by enemy attacks.
  • Hell Suppressing Fist: Based off of the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique. The fits carries boundless weight which can crush anything in its path.
  • Sky Destroying Fist: Based off of the Sky Destroyer Immortal Physique. This fist is the most powerful and destructive fist in the world.
  • Sacred Spring Fist: Based off of the Sacred Spring Physique. It continues to generate energy which magnifies the power of the punch by thousands of times.
  • Furious Immortal Fist: Based off of the Furious Immortal Tyrannical Physique. It has similar effects to the Sacred Spring Fist. It increases the power of the punch.
  • Eternal Fist: Based off of the Eternal Physique. It gets empowered with time as it makes the fist lasting forever.
  • Golden Sealing Fist: This was a technique outside of the twelve Immortal Physiques, and it specialized in sealing all kinds of weapons.

The twelve fists based off of the Immortal Physiques can be fused together in any sort of combination. When all 12 fists are combined, a sacred flame covers the fist as this fist can pierce through anything; even time itself.

Heaven Suppression Fist[]

  • It is a technique that defies and threatens the old villainous heavens created by Li Qiye in the Current Era. The technique is still incomplete as Li Qiye find ways to perfect it.

Nine Ants[]

  • It is divided into three initial forms: vessel of life, vessel of genesis, and vessel of athanasia.

Era Petrification Ray[]

  • This was the technique hidden at the farthest location of the Drystone Courtyard that he had copied. He paid a huge price, but this Era Petrification Ray was enough to show that his harvest was simply incredible.

Mortal Reversion Secret Art[]

  • The most suitable cultivation technique for humans in the tenth world, created by the Dark Crow. After coming to the tenth world. He didn’t only create it for the humans but he took it to a higher level, culminating in an art to punish the heaven. Later on, with increased proliferation and more editions, very few people could use Mortal Reversion and turn it into the Heaven Punishing Art. Even though his memories regarding Mortal Reversion have been erased, he created it back then inside the Sky pits. Thus, he returned to this place in order to look at the markings to recall the purest edition of Mortal Reversion Art. Moreover, the Heaven Punishing Art that came after was best learned in this place.

Temporal Ray's[]

This required countless years of life and allowed its user to see through all truths, origins, and mysteries. It was one of the most precious things in the world, created by experience and time. The mysteries of time, only emperors are qualified to step into this domain. Temporal Ray is dependent on the amount of time accumulated, not someone’s power.[11][12]


  • Can see through all tricks and secrets, even the past and future.
  • As long as the emperors leave the Exploration Grounds, he can call down their Heavenly Execution[13]


  • The absolute apex of any single technique.

Great Era Seven Laws[]