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Followers and Associates[]

Opponents, Rivals and Enemies[]



Fiancees, Concubines, Lovers and Maids[]

Nine Worlds:[]

Tenth World:[]

Three Immortals World:[]


  1. Heavenly Flame Goddess[10]
  2. Hundred Battles Godking[11]
  3. Zen Cheng[12]
  4. Allpine Treefather
  5. Bloodbull Godfiend
  6. Old Xian
  7. Gu Guo
  8. Mei Suyao
  9. Ming Yexue
  10. Jian Wushuang
  11. Long Jingxian
  12. Bai Jianzhen
  13. Sima Yujian
  14. Zi Cuining
  15. Star Stomper[13]

Official Disciples[]

Nine Worlds[]

  1. Alchemy God[1]
  2. Wang Yuan[14]
  3. Yan'er[15]
  4. Immortal Emperor Xue Xi[1]
  5. Immortal Emperor Min Ren[1]
  6. Imperial Queen Tun Ri[16]
  7. Empress Hong Tian[17]
  8. Black Dragon King[1]
  9. Magu[14]
  10. Tantai Ruonan[18]

Tenth World[]

  1. Nightfall Immortal Monarch
  2. White Crane's Asura
  3. Mortal Reversion Ancient God
  4. Immortal Monarch Yi Ye

Eight Desolates[]

  1. Wang Weiqiao[19]

Unofficial Disciples[]

Nine Worlds[]

  1. Chen Clan's Ancestral Grandmother[20]
  2. Formation Progenitor[21]
  3. Jewel Pillar Sacred School's Progenitor[20]
  4. Myriad Images True God[22]
  5. Immortal Emperor Ba Mie[23]
  6. Immortal Emperor Bing Yu[1]
  7. Immortal Emperor Bu Zhan[24]
  8. Immortal Emperor Fei[1]
  9. Immortal Emperor Fei Yang[?]
  10. Immortal Emperor Ming Du[25]
  11. Immortal Emperor Mu Tian[26]
  12. Immortal Emperor Qi Zhen[27]
  13. Immortal Emperor Tun Ri[1]
  14. Immortal Emperor Yin Tian[28]
  15. Immortal Emperor Zhen Yu[26]
  16. Immortal Emperor Qian Li[29]
  17. Mortal Monarch
  18. Hundred-Life[30]
  19. Worldguard True God[27]
  20. Shi Hao - alchemy
  21. Yuan Caihe - alchemy
  22. Si Yuanyuan

Tenth World[]

  1. Yao Ting
  2. Ye Xinxue[31] - student
  3. Wang Zuodong[32]
  4. Liu Jinsheng[32][32][33]


Nine Worlds[]

Tenth World[]

Rejected his invitation[]

  • Bing Yuxia (he gave her a manual on the Heaven Cutting Tablet as a parting gift)[34]
  • Puresun Daoist (he proposed him the Dao Sword to win him over)