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Li Qiye is apparently the most knowledgeable person in history. He lived for millions of years, traveled across the Nine Worlds and experienced countless dangers and mysteries of the world. He saw countless powerful techniques and items, including the legendary Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures and Treasures. Li Qiye is most likely the only person who has knowledge about the previous Epochs, not counting survivors of said Epochs. He is also the only known being who succesfully traveled back and forth between the Nine Worlds and the Tenth World.[note 1]

However, after experiencing so much, Li Qiye is now barely care about any contemporary geniuses or even almighty, in the eyes of others, Immortal Emperor's Lineages. He is always acting arrogant and rarely show respect to anyone, except for some ancient beings like Fairy or Dragon God.

“ You are my pride, a reason for my arrogance. „
Li Qiye about Magu[1]
“ All of you are my pride, my reason for arrogance! „
Li Qiye about Azure Dragon Legion[2]

His knowledge is one of the reasons of his arrogance, but not the main one. As he admitted himself, the main reason of his arrogance is the achievements of his disciples and followers. Among his most brilliant disciples are:


“ I love trouble, especially those who come to chase me. The more the better so I can have a baptism of blood. This is the only thing that makes me feel alive and gets my blood boiling. „
Li Qiye[3]

“ Regardless of the circumstances, I am someone who likes to do one particular thing: shatter the self-esteem of others. They think that they are certain of winning, so I like to defeat and stomp them beneath my feet until there is nothing left of their confidence. Only despair shall remain. „
Li Qiye[4]

“ Whoever blocks my path, I kill without mercy! „
Li Qiye[5]

His knowledge, unfortunately, is also a reason of eternal boredom as it is almost impossible for him to experience anything new. Li Qiye love to cause chaos and make enemies wherever he goes, because the ensuing bloodbath is the only thing that makes him feel still alive.

Even though Li Qiye has many sure-kill techniques and treasures, he prefers to use different methods to kill enemies. Quite often he uses enemies as guinea pigs to test out his new techniques or treasures and almost never treats them seriously. He also love to stomp on arrogant geniuses and shatter their confidence and self-esteem, preferably with the method they are most proud of.

Li Qiye is heavenly defying, cunning and ruthless. Whenever he declares something, he makes sure to do it to the very end.


“ I appreciate girls like you! A supreme beauty needs more than just a good bag of skin; one needs a sense of self-awareness and wisdom. Little girl, you have tempted me, so follow me. However, don't misunderstand. In the Nine Worlds and ten realms, there are very few women worthy of marrying me! I only need you to be by my side! In the future, there will be a spot for you among my supreme generals! „
Li Qiye about Ming Yexue[6]

Although Li Qiye appreciates beautiful women, he is never infatuated with them and allows them to stay by his side only as maids or generals and only if they have good talents for cultivation or if he likes their personality.

Li Qiye is very protective of his followers and allies and treat them very well. He rewards them greatly with treasures, powerful techniques, etc. However, for some extremely valuable techniques, like Physique Merit Laws from the Physique Scripture, he would force his followers to take the Dao Oath to never reveal it to outsiders. If someone breaks the Oath, Li Qiye not only would kill them, but also massacre everything and anything related to them.[7]

Only two exceptions to this rule are known: Magu, whom he allowed to pass Eternal Physique's Law to one disciple every generation,[?] and Su Ru, whom he allowed to pass Solar Immortal Physique's Law and War God Formula to her and Min Ren's descendants.[8]

“ There is no savior in this world, never has. At the very least, I'm not one of them. Only a butcher. Yes, I have guarded this world before. However, it was because the Ancient Mings were invaders in my eyes. They didn't belong to this world and they shouldn't have brought the darkness along with them! But worst of all, they shouldn't have opposed me, that's why I annihilated them. „
Li Qiye[9]

Li Qiye also had a deep affection for Human Race and the Nine Worlds in general. This affection is the main reason why he started a war against Ancient Ming and left behind many preparations to defend the Nine Worlds. Even so, he believes that people should save themselves instead of waiting for a savior.


Despite his affection, Li Qiye has a bottom line and if someone cross it, he would not show them mercy. The best example of this is the Soaring Immortal Sect. Li Qiye had deep relationships with Sect's Immortal Emperors, but when they tried to reawaken Ancient Ming's bloodline, he slaughtered his way into the Sect and forced them to make an oath to never try it again. When the Sect repeated their offense, Li Qiye destroyed the entire Sect.

His main taboo is his memories; what Li Qiye hates the most is when someone is trying to look into them. As the Dark Crow, he always erased his memories, to avoid them falling into the hands of the Immortal Demon Grotto. He even went so far as to ask Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Immortal Emperor Xue Xi, Immortal Emperor Tun Ri, Immortal Emperor Ba Mie and Black Dragon King to protect his mind. Thanks to this protection not even an Immortal Emperor would be able to read Li Qiye's mind. Anyone who tries to do it would be stopped and suppressed by Immortal Emperor's power.[10]


  1. Everyone else can go only in one direction. Immortal Emperors from the Nine Worlds can ascend to the Tenth World, but can not return, while people from the Tenth World can't descend to the Nine Worlds without paying a huge price that would prevent them from ever returning back or using Corporeal Zone - one of the Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures.
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