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Currently OwnedEdit

Myriad Heavenly CauldronEdit

Evil Typha SeedEdit

Yin Yang King SungrassEdit

Immortal Injury PeonyEdit

Silkworm Dragon SoulgrassEdit

Ancestor GinsengEdit

Piece of MudEdit

Alchemy FowlEdit

Yang VineEdit

  • A very rare immortal vine with a gourd growing on it, which Li Qiye obtained in the Heavenhoof Ravine.
  • It contains a terrible refined green Puresun Flame within.
  • After using its flame to refine the Cleansing Temporal Crystal water the vine purified the gourd towards maturity, making it drop down.[9]

Reincarnation Nine-LeavesEdit

  • One leaf can allow someone to reincarnate once with a success rate of around twenty percent.[10]
  • Li Qiye caught it inside the Divine Tree Ridge.[11]

First Yang GourdEdit

  • Li Qiye expended great effort and a lot of amazing liquids for this gourd. Under the property of the water from the Cleansing Temporal Crystal, the gourd lost all of its impurities, making them flow outside, crimson like gold slags left behind after a gold-smelting process.
  • After maturing lightning rushed from the gourd and turned into two wings, an immense heartbeat resounded and it emitted thunderous noises that are long lasting and powerful. It contains an expanse of primordial chaos, ready to turn into a new world.
  • It wanted to fly away but was caught by Li Qiye.[9]

Three Immortals TreeEdit

Previously OwnedEdit

Cassia Lotus TreeEdit

  • The Cassia Lotus Tree was born from the Six Dao Lotus. After the battle with the Evil Typha Tree that year, the Six Dao Lotus Tree lost its Primordial Foundation and was on the brink of death. Li Qiye and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi moved it into the Moon Cassia Tree, and they used a heavenly method to keep it alive.[15]
  • Li Qiye used ashes from its white jade branches - the lotus bones - refined with Tu Bu Yu's green true flame using the God of War Formula and the tree's holy water to fight the Evil Typha Tree.[16]

Min Ren's Peach TreeEdit

  • A peach tree planted in front of Min Ren's home in Eastern Hundred Cities’ territory.
  • Min Ren opened this peach tree’s mind to grant it sentience. He used to preach the scriptures to the tree hoping that, one day, it will be able to be reborn again out of its grand dao.[17]
  • Li Qiye gently stroked the old peach tree, after which the dispersed flashing light below was absorbed by its root. The peach tree gave birth to young branches as if it was a dried tree meeting the coming of spring and once again exuded signs of life.[18]

Little Silly's Dao BoneEdit

  • Captured by Li Qiye from an Ancestral Earth, Little Silly was innately special and could even be considered supremely peerless.
  • Li Qiye entrusted it to Immortal Emperor Min Ren to take care of it in the west of the Evil Infested Ridge, where it was unexpectedly killed.
  • Li Qiye finds its Dao bone and resolves to try and resurrect it. He nourishes it with worldy essence in his Fate Palace before leaving it in the White Tiger Vein to absorb the World Essence there and hopefully be reborn a hundred thousand years later.[19]

World Tree's three Golden LeavesEdit

Li Qiye used the Karmic Flame Scissors to cut it from the World Tree.[20]

  1. He used one leaf to heal the Realm God.[21]
  2. He used the second leaf to revive the trunk of the Ghost Ancestral Tree.[22]
  3. He traded the last leaf with Coffin-Tapping Imp for the Purple Coffin.[23]

Golden Willow CrestEdit

Heavenly Jade CicadaEdit

Night Sea's TurtleEdit

Ghost DevourerEdit

  • Li Qiye commanded it to follow through a portal to chase after the dark existence's divine intent.[29]

Ghost Ancestral TreeEdit

  • Li Qiye revived it, but let go of it. It reached Necropolis, where it took root at the Ancestral Flow.[29]

Bloodsoul WormEdit

"600 years" Longevity FruitEdit

Giant BambooEdit

  • Dark Crow brought the seedling of this bamboo tree from one of the Ominous Grounds.[33]
  • Years later Yan'er established her country and built the capital under this bamboo tree.[34]
  • It will continue to exist and grow stronger, as long as it chooses not to gain sentience and cultivate.

Giant Bamboo Country's Immortal NectarEdit

  • Li Qiye obtained a bottle of dew dripping down from an old root of the tree.[35]
  • He gave it to Madam Zi Yan.[36]

Imperial Draco-BullEdit

  • It had the bloodline of a True Dragon flowing through its veins.
  • Li Qiye's favorite mount to enter burial grounds or ancestral earths.[37]
  • Li Qiye left it in the Stone Medicine World as the second Divine Guardian of the Giant Bamboo Country.[38]

"800 years" Longevity FruitEdit


  • Li Qiye was able to revive its body from a beating heart preserved at the Alchemy Kingdom.[40]
  • He released it so that it has a chance of true rebirth.[41]

Seed from the Timesource VineEdit

Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng's five rootsEdit

Five Immortal Phoenix Ginseng gave five of its oldest roots to Li Qiye under a threat of being killed:[43]

  1. Li Qiye gifted one to Lan Yunzhu.[43]
  2. Li Qiye used one to support himself and Immortal Medicines during his travel in the Drystone Courtyard.[44]
  3. Li Qiye gave the last root to Immortal Medicines and Alchemy Fowl as a reward for their help in saving the Myriad Age Tree.[45]


  • Li Qiye obtained it after watering the Dracotree with moonlight.[46]
  • He used it to open the Gate of the Golden Dragon and Immortal Tiger in the Hidden-dragon Mountains, leading to the void space with the Vast Sea, where the two existences are imprisoned.[47]

Archdevil Armored SharkEdit

Ancestral WhaleEdit

  • Li Qiye gave this whale to Immortal Emperor Wu Gou when it was still an infant.[50]
  • It has the bloodline of a Kun.[51]

However, when it was young, it’s life essence was very weak and needed to transform over and over again.

Heavenvine CalabashEdit

Soldier TreeEdit

Reincarnation Heavenly SoulvineEdit

Treecorpse InfantEdit

  • A new life, brought to this world by Li Qiye.
  • He declared to be responsible for it and will be its supervisor.[54]

Myriad Age TreeEdit

Calamity God's CarapaceEdit

Myriad Star EggEdit

Alchemy WoodEdit

  • The main root of the divine tree, very smooth with tree rings on the sides, but turned into jade, no longer carrying the original characteristic of wood, around three feet long with an amazing scent. It almost has its own sentience.
  • Li Qiye found it in a Pure Grand Clam at the Alchemy Lake formed by water flowing down the main mountain of Alchemy Hut.[61]
  • He gave it to Qin Shaoyao.[62]

Pure Grand PearlEdit

  • A golden pearl with a blinding light, resembling a sun, the size of a pigeon egg
  • Li Qiye took it out of the Pure Grand Clam he found in the Alchemy Lake.[61]
  • He gave it to Mu Yalan.[62]


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