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Currently OwnedEdit

One Hundred Immortal CrystalsEdit

Jilin Clan's High Heaven War ScrollEdit

  • An item from the upper sphere belonging to the Jilin Clan and given to Li Qiye.
  • It resembled a pebble with faint markings on the surface, even older than time and the heaven and earth.[3]
  • ~ Spoiler ~ Used as main material to make the Tribulation Sword

Insane Ancestor's TreasuryEdit

  • A treasury with wondrous items such as immortal-heart crystals, spring-warmth jades, and small wells with gurgling golden water, treasure metals and manual scrolls.[4]

Black SoilEdit

Beastspring WaterEdit

Held by His MaidsEdit

Metal Corpses Edit

  • Li Qiye brought many from the Machine World in hope that they will come in handy in the future.[8]

Roaring Conch Edit

  • Li Qiye obtained the ship after Ling Fengyun agreed to surrender to save the disciples of the sect.[9]

Previously OwnedEdit

Worldly Prime LiquidEdit

  • Li Qiye found it in the World Temple on the World Tree.[10]
  • It granted Li Qiye a primordial body instead of his previous mortal fate and mortal physique.[11]

Myriad Star Water Edit

Pristine Worldly Metal Edit

Stone At The Peak Edit

Treasure Inside The PondEdit

  • An immortal stone that looked like a long trunk, emanating an endless immortal light, which at times took the form of a fiery light, an icy shape and a pure wooden shade, which Li Qiye obtained at the center of the old pond in the Diamand Carp's nest in Prime Ominous Grave's Water Realm.[15]
  • Li Qiye slowly carved along the runes on the stone, revealing after many layers six long swords.[16]

Lie Clan's Fire SourceEdit

  • A Fire Source created by Dark Crow during the Ancient Ming Era or maybe even earlier.
  • Li Qiye destroyed it after Lie Jie provoked him several times.[17]

Three Stones from the Bi'an Beastworld Edit

  • Dark Crow released three Stones from the Bi'an Beastworld and they are scattered in the Stone Medicine World.
  • One Stone escaped, gained life and intelligence and became Alchemy Kingdom's second Immortal Emperor Bi Shi.[18]
  • A Luminous Mirrorstone escaped and became the defining treasure of the Stony Edge Kingdom. It felt the heaven and earth and obtained life, immediately had flesh and blood and could be considered a supreme being - Ye Qingcheng. He wass killed by a Soul Annihliation of Shi Feng's True Treasure.[19]
  • The last stone was caught by Dark Crow and he continued to bring it along with him, aiming to turn it into the most peerless being in all of eternity. Later Hundred-Life Alchemy Emperor took care of it and used the entire country’s power as well as the best spirit medicines and energy from the Alchemy Vein to cultivate this divine stone, which finally turned into Ming Yexue.[20]

Bluesky Water Edit

  • Acquired in the Dry Stone Courtyard after a trade with the "Stone Duck". He recieved the Bluesky Water in exchange for the rock left behind by Immortal Emperor Wan Shi.[21]
  • Used (probably all of it) to water the Timesource Vine’s Seed in order to create a bridge to the "origin", source and meeting point of the three great veins in the Stone Medicine World - the Alchemy Vein, the Beast Vein, and the Stone Vein respectively.[22]

Heavenhoof Ravine's treasuryEdit

Stony Edge Kingdom's treasuryEdit

Terra RootEdit

Ancient Blood from the Blood PondEdit

Treasure Blood from the Immortal Blood KingdomEdit

  • Li Qiye obtained more than half of Immortal Blood Kingdom's treasure blood during the fight against the Blood-Devil Tribe.[29]
  • The Immortal Blood Kingdom is a vast country, endless like a sea of blood with countless citizens living within and deities above these citizens. Even greater than them were three majestic figures that controlled this kingdom of blood.
  • It was created by the three Immortal Emperors of the Blood-devil Tribe. They used their own longevity blood to refine it. It therefore has mysticisms beyond comprehension and stores an unimaginable power within.[30]
  • Li Qiye used it to form his own Blood Kingdom.[27]

Myriad Thoughts Pot's ScrapsEdit

Mortal TearsEdit

  • The tears of compassion and pity for the common people, that can stimulate someone’s desire for life, obtained in the inner world of the Seacrossing Shuttle.[32]
  • Li Qiye used it to replenish the life of the Peacock Tree.[33]

Void Imperfection WaterEdit

  • A small pillar of water shot out from the mud inside the well in the inner world of the Seacrossing Shuttle and fell straight into Li Qiye’s jade bowl.[34]
  • Li Qiye gave the bowl to Ye Tu.[34]

He obtained a larger amount from Void Imperfection Three Schools' Ancestral Whale.[35]

World-weary FlameEdit

Scraps from the Crystalfowl Immortal MineEdit

Cleansing Temporal Crystal WaterEdit

  • Li Qiye found a puddle of this water in a naturally formed cave in a completely independent realm - the Cleansing Temporal Sphere.
  • The water is sparkling and translucent to an unimaginable level and is a prime material that can purify everything in the world - darkness, power, curses, and foulness.
  • According to the records, it needs ten thousand years for the Cleansing Temporal Crystal (rumored to be a type of rock that took form in the deepest location of the main vein upon the creation of the world) to create one bead of liquid.[38]
  • Li Qiye used the water in the jade bottle on top of the puddle to cleanse the Yellow Silk Cloth.
  • He used the water in the puddle to water the Yang Vine.[39]

Dragonflame UraniumEdit

  • Red Diamonds used as ammunition for the Eighteen Crystal Cannons.
  • They are squeezed out essence out of an entire sun.
  • Li Qiye borrowed them for the fight against Soaring Immortal Sect.[40]

Pinnacle Lifewater Edit

Black FlamesEdit

Ancestral Terra's treasuryEdit

Soaring Immortal Sect's treasuryEdit

Elusive Heavenly Golden WaterEdit

  • Li Qiye found it in a cave in the Imperial Border.[46]
  • The golden water must be stored in the Elusive Heavenly Vase, left behind for Li Qiye by Qian Li; other items wouldn’t be able to contain it. More importantly, without the vase, one wouldn’t be able to truly use the water.
  • Li Qiye gave the water to Saint in the Tenth World to restore him to his peak state for his final battle with Samsara Wild Ancestor.[47]

White ArmamentEdit

Yin Yang Sea of BloodEdit

Blood KingdomEdit

Xiao Shi's Stone of MemoriesEdit

  • A rock from Immortal, that Li Qiye bought at Arrogance Enterprise's Treasure Pavilion.
  • It contained Xia Shi's memories, which reinforced Li Qiye's previous knowledge and filled in gaps, especially about Three Immortals.[54]

Myriad FlameEdit

  • An ancient type of flame that contains the essences of fire, capable of changing into any type, and also a rare type of fire seed existing and hiding in all other seeds.
  • Li Qiye collected it on the Fire-seed star in the Land of the Fire Source in Longevity Valley.[55]
  • Li Qiye gave it to Longevity Sage.[56]

Hidden Gold Grotto's WarshipsEdit


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