This page covers a part of Dark Crow history, but it is unknown when exactly they happened.

Desolate Era Desolate
Expansion Era
Ancient Ming Era Emperors Era Unknown Era

Tetra-War Stone ProtectorsEdit

At some point Dark Crow obtained Tetra-War Stone Protectors from the Ancestral Earth. They protected him for countless years until the Emperors Era when he loaned them to Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon.[1]

Tetra-War Bronze ChariotEdit

His carriage

Myriad Images True GodEdit

His disciple

Mortal MonarchEdit

His disciple


His lover

Zen Master ChengEdit

His general

Qian SuyunEdit

His lover

Jewel Pillar Sacred School's ProgenitorEdit

He taught him a thing or two

Chen Clan's Ancestral GrandmotherEdit

He gave her Supreme Physique Law to cultivate, and she reached Grand Completion of the Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique, becoming the most horrifying powerhouse of her age.

Immortal Emperor Nu Zhan Edit

Immortal Emperor Nu Zhan had specifically asked him about  the Evil Slaying Platform

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