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This page covers a part of Dark Crow history during the Desolate Era.

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Escape from Immortal Demon Grotto[edit | edit source]

He spent great efforts to formulate a successful plan to escape from the Immortal Demon Grotto.[1]

Ancient Ming[edit | edit source]

During the Desolate Era, he spent his time being tortured; his soul severed from his body. He had suffered from the hands of the Ancient Ming. He was imprisoned for 10,000 years without seeing the sun and underwent many torturous ordeals. Although the body of the Dark Crow was immortal; painful sensations still existed.[2][3]

Physique Scripture[edit | edit source]

In the Desolate Era Dark Crow was able to find and eventually obtain the Physique Scripture, one of the legendary Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures. Many people, including Immortal Emperors, chased and tried to kill him in order to snatch the Scripture from his hands. So, after studying it for a while, Dark Crow hid the original Physique Scripture and erased his memories about it. To have access to it whenever he needed, Dark Crow put information from the Scripture into 120 different Martial Arts' manuals in a particular order that only he knew about and spread hundreds of thousands of copies of these manuals all around the Nine Worlds.[4]

Although as Dark Crow he couldn't cultivate any supreme Physique Merit Law from the Scripture, just the knowledge itself made him exceedingly powerful.[5]

Alchemy God[edit | edit source]

Alchemy God was Dark Crow's disciple. Even Dark Crow admitted that Alchemy God was a true genius of the Alchemy Dao. Together they researched and recreated alchemy. They traveled all over the Nine Worlds and even ventured into all 12 Forbidden Burial Grounds in order to collect ingredients and treasures to experiment with. They formed all the rules of the modern alchemy and created majority of alchemic techniques.[6]

Despite Dark Crow's pleas, Alchemy God didn't left behind his true legacy. He passed down many valuable alchemic manuals for his descendants, but his true legacy was lost ever since.[6]

Alchemy God was not only Dark Crow's disciple, but also one of his closest friends.[7] Years that he spent with Alchemy God were among the most peaceful in his life. He spent them immersed in the joy of learning, instead of planning and scheming against enemies. Even millions of years later not many other things could make him as sentimental like those years spent with Alchemy God.[6]

Alchemy God created special method to help Dark Crow regain his erased memories.[2]

Immortal Emperor Fei[edit | edit source]

His friend.

Immortal Emperor Fei Yang[edit | edit source]

His friend.

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