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Li Qiye was born at the beginning of the Desolate Era[1] to a peasant family. He was named Qiye (七夜: Seven Nights) because he cried for seven days and seven nights after birth.[2]

At the age of seven, Li Qiye started his life as a shepherd. When he was thirteen one of his sheep got lost. To find it, Li Qiye entered the Immortal Demon Grotto. Grotto's master captured him and imprisoned his soul in the body of the immortal Dark Crow.[2] His immortality was supported by the Longevity Grass in Grotto's master's possession.[?]

Dark Crow[]

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Li Qiye then spent millions of years trapped inside the body of the Dark Crow. He traveled across the Nine Worlds going into all 12 Burial Grounds, spent time in the Immortal Land, and fallen into the Forbidden Ghost Realm, the most dangerous place in this world. He experienced countless dangers and mysteries of the world and trodden through lands that even an unbeatable Virtuous Paragon would stray from.[1][3]

He had spent many tortuous years in each eras to go into the most dangerous places, and had fell in the hands of many masters and had to surpass many tribulations. But because of this, Li Qiye was able to see many Merit Laws,[4] including Immortal Emperor Merit Laws, Heaven's Will Secret Laws and even some of the legendary Nine Grand Heavenly Scriptures and Nine Grand Heavenly Treasures.

Every once in a while he was involuntarily summoned back to the Immortal Demon Grotto, and his memories were read by the Grotto's master.[5]

Li Qiye was unwilling to stay eternally a slave to the Immortal Demon Grotto and formulated a grand plan in order to cut off all the immortal spirit seals and formations within his soul. In order to escape from the Grotto and regain his own freedom and original body, he continuously led many geniuses on the road of cultivation,[1] including Alchemy God, Immortal Emperors Xue Xi, Fei, Tun Ri, Bing Yu and others.[2]

Eventually Li Qiye was able to successfully escape from the Immortal Demon Grotto, but his situation was not stable and sometimes he was still affected by the Grotto. Whenever he felt like this, he immediately sealed himself and caused his soul to fall into a deep slumber.[4]

Li Qiye was afraid that one day he wouldn't be able to control himself and would be summoned back to the Immortal Demon Grotto, so he always removed all of his memories regarding the methods and techniques he had learned, to prevent them falling into the hand of the Grotto.[4] Alchemy God and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi developed a mysterious method that allowed Li Qiye to regain his memories the moment he saw these techniques again.[4]

He even went so far as to ask Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Immortal Emperor Xue Xi, Immortal Emperor Tun Ri, Immortal Emperor Ba Mie and Black Dragon King to protect his mind.[6]

Even after he freed himself from the Immortal Demon Grotto, Li Qiye continued to guide many geniuses on the road of cultivation. As Dark Crow he was unable to cultivate, but his knowledge and influence were limitless due to his countless experiences and immortality. He became known as Imperial Teacher, because he trained several Immortal Emperor, and also as Dark Hand behind the curtains, because he was in control of the Nine Worlds' development for millions of years, but preferred to stay in the shadows. He also trained his Four Legions that were widely acknowledged to be the strongest force in the Nine Worlds, stronger even than Immortal Emperor's legions.[?]

Millions of years later, at the end of the Emperors Era, he went into his last slumber and slept through entire Difficult Dao Era.[2]


Li Qiye awakened at the start of the Current Era; finally in his original body.[2]

The first person he met was San Gui Ye, a disciple of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, which was created by Li Qiye's former disciple, Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Li Qiye took it as a sign of fate and decided to join the Sect.[2]

Upon learning that his latest disciple, Black Dragon King, was dead, he and San Gui Ye visited the Heaven Suppression City to perform the ceremony of venerating the dead. After that Li Qiye went to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[2]

Joining the Sect[]

San Gui Ye gave him the Sect's Third Ancient Order, the holder of which could request anything from the Sect.[2] Li Qiye used it to become the Prime Disciple of the Sect.[7]

First Elder Gu ordered third generation disciple Nan Huairen to arrange residence for Li Qiye and ensure his daily needs. According to the rules of the Sect, the Prime Disciple has the right to live in a peak closest to the center, that contained thicker world essence. The Sect owned many peaks, and the Prime Disciple could choose any peak for himself. But most of the main peaks of the Sect were occupied. Moreover, Elders were unhappy with Li Qiye, thus, he was exiled to the abandoned Lonely Peak at the far end of the Sect.[1]

Nine Saint Demon Gate[]

In accordance with the Ancient Marriage Treaty between the Sects, as soon as Li Qiye was declared a Prime Disciple, the Nine Saint Demon Gate sent a message to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect asking to test his abilities.[8] The Elders notified Li Qiye and he was willing to go, but put forward three conditions, first - a Physique Paste of the King grade once he reached the Physique Accumulation level. He also requested to learn some techniques, and one or two defensive weapons. The Elders offered him techniques and weapons from the Inner Court, but contrary to their expectations Li Qiye wanted a technique named Invisible Dual Blades as well as a pair of blades to accompany it. Since it was only a Martial Art the Elders willingly agreed, while their impression about his intelligence worsened even further. What they didn't know, that this technique was once used and refined by Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Nan Huairen brought him the Invisible Dual Blades' manual and the Crescent Moon Blades and Li Qiye immediately started to practice with it.[4]

Three days later he, accompanied by Nan Huairen and Protector Mo, arrived at the Nine Saint Demon Gate, and was welcomed by Sectional Leader Fu.[9] Sectional Leader Fu led the three into a medium-sized meeting chamber and quickly left.[10]

Nan Huairen's friend, Zhang led them around the Gate. Since Li Qiye's visit was to marry Li Shuangyan, the goddess in hearts of many male disciples of the Nine Saint Demon Gate, they all hated Li Qiye, but he completely ignored all of them.[10] Eventually, they reached the Training Ground of the Gate, where Li Qiye saw Tetra-War Stone Protectors. He was surprised and pleased to see them and used special technique to communicate with them.[11]

Du Yuanguang[]

Next day Du Yuanguang, male disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate enamored with Li Shuangyan, accused Li Qiye of stealing the treasures and used it as an excuse to attack him. Li Qiye immediately saw through his excuses and ridiculed his plan, that angered Du Yuanguang even more, while Li Qiye nonchalantly challenged him to a fight.[12] This fight was seen as a joke by everyone in the Nine Saint Demon Gate, since Li Qiye was a mortal, while Du Yuanguang was at the Provisional Palace level, but very soon they were utterly flabbergasted, when Li Qiye used the Martial Art with Mortal Grade Swords to effortlessly and ruthlessly kill Du Yuanguang with just one strike, while lamenting that he didn't practiced with it enough.[13]

Protector Mo was devastated about the consequences of killing a disciple from the Nine Saint Demon Gate, and wanted to quickly escape from the Gate, but before they could do anything they were surrounded by Sectional Leader Fu's people. Xu Hui wanted to kill Li Qiye, but was stopped by Protector Mo. Sectional Leader Fu threatened Mo to step away, and hand over Li Qiye, otherwise not only he would lose his life, but even entire Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect would meet its demise. In response to these threats, Li Qiye laughed out loud and said that if there was a danger of a sect's demise, it would be the Nine Saint Demon Gate, not the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[14] Xu Hui was enraged and attacked Li Qiye, but was once again stopped, this time by the First Elder, who mediated the situation. Li Qiye arrogantly ordered the First Elder to start the trial right now. Protector Mo and Nan Huairen tried to convince Li Qiye to hold his tongue, but failed.[15]

First Trial[]

Li Qiye's first trial was a competition of willpower against Xu Hui in the Chaotic Heart Forest. After Li Qiye arrogantly claimed that he could easily walk through all 14 levels of the Chaotic Heart Forest, everyone thought that he was an ignorant idiot, so Xu Hui offered a bet to humiliate him. What nobody could have imagined, is what Li Qiye was really capable of walking through all 14 levels, while Xu Hui reached only 7th level. Protector Hua, master of Xu Hui and Du Yuanguang, accused Li Qiye of using some hidden treasures, to accomplish this task. Protector Mo protested that the Nine Saint Demon Gate does not set condition to not use items, but Li Qiye nonchalantly agreed for any check.[16] After it was confirmed that Li Qiye did not use any treasure, Xu Hui had to undergo the humiliation that he had planned for Li Qiye.[17]

Second Trial[]

Li Qiye's second trial was a battle. Before the start of the trials, it was planned that Li Qiye's opponent would be Xu Hui. After the first trial, Grand Protector Yu He decided that Xu Hui was unable to fight and wanted to replace him, but Xu Hui wanted to kill Li Qiye to wash away his shame, so he persuaded Grand Protector Yu He to let him fight.[17]

Everyone was shocked once again, when Li Qiye used the Serpent Punishing Stick to quickly defeat Xu Hui. Protector Hua was enraged and demanded Li Qiye to stop, but he instead killed Xu Hui and ordered Tetra-War Stone Protectors to kill Protector Hua, defeat Grand Protector Yu He and even Elder Yun.[18]

The events attracted the attention of Demon King Lun Ri, who revealed that the Tetra-War Stone Protectors are Heavenly Guardians of the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Lun Ri then politely asked Li Qiye for a chat in the Sky Chamber. The first thing Lun Ri wanted to know was how Li Qiye was able to control Tetra-War Stone Protectors, since they never moved before. But Li Qiye pretended that there was no secret and he just gossiped with them and demanded to perform a blood rite with Tetra-War Stone Protectors. While Lun Ri and the Elders were unhappy, they had no choice and therefore allowed him to do so.[19]

Saint Cavern[]

Lun Ri then asked him to try to open the Saint Cavern and Li Qiye agreed with one condition: he would take away one item from the Saint Cavern.[19]

After a meeting with Demon King Lun Ri, Li Qiye returned to his new residence. They had been moved to a different guest location, a place meant for the visiting rulers of Kingdoms and Emperors of Ancient Kingdoms; the highest level of hospitality and respect. This treatment made Nan Huairen and Protector Mo afraid of receiving too much love. They understood it was because of Li Qiye that they were able to receive such a warm reception. They had many questions to ask Li Qiye, and the most important one was about his marriage to Li Shuangyan. But even though countless geniuses wanted to propose to Li Shuangyan, Li Qiye did not care about her.[20]

Next day, after seeing the Saint Cavern and the words "Only Demon under the Heavens" written on the left side of the cavern, Li Qiye immediately knew how to open it. However, because there were Elders watching, he couldn't immediately open it and pretended that he pondering how to do it for entire day. In the end, he wrote on the right side: "Mere Chicken above the Earth". The Elders were furious and believed that Li Qiye simply decided to make fun of their patriarch, but in the next moment, the cave really opened.[21] Li Qiye was pleased to see how many treasures Nine Saint Virtuous Paragon left in the cavern, including Min Ren's Immortal Emperor Life Treasure. The Elders were afraid that Li Qiye will take Immortal Emperor Life Treasure away, but he instead chose unremarkable ancient box and left the Saint Cavern.[22]

Three days later, Li Qiye was once again invited to the Sky Chamber. Demon King Lun Ri invited him to join the Nine Saint Demon Gate, but Li Qiye refused.[22]

Meeting Li Shuangyan[]

Li Qiye then met Li Shuangyan for the first time. He praised her talents, but said that she doesn't have the qualifications to be his wife, but the position of sword-maid is available. Li Shuangyan and the Elders were enraged by his words, but Li Qiye didn't care and left, saying that she should think over it carefully.[23]

Return to the Sect[]

Afterwards, Li Qiye completed blood rite with the Tetra-War Stone Protectors. With this done, this trip had been a complete success, so he wanted to return to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[23]

Nan Huairen and Protector Mo was shocked to hear, that Li Qiye wants to take Li Shuangyan in as a maid, but after everything he done during this trip they didn't dare to scold him, moreover they decided to join his side and become his underlings.[23]

When they returned to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, Li Qiye went back to his Lonely Peak, reminiscing about the good old times. Soon Nan Huairen arrived with a message from the Elders. Li Qiye followed Nan Huairen into the Grand Chamber, where all Elders already gathered. Elders, and especially Elder Cao, were suspicious and antagonistic towards Li Qiye, as they interrogated him about the events in the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Elders couldn't believe that he, as a mortal, was able to kill cultivator at the peak of the Heaven's Mandate level and to walk through all 14 levels of the Chaotic Heart Forest. Li Qiye wasn't pleased with their behavior and harshly rebuked. As for the marriage with Li Shuangyan, Li Qiye told the Elders that it is not his decision, and they need to ask the Nine Saint Demon Gate for an answer.[24]

In the end, Elders had no choice but to give up with their interrogation. In accordance with their prior agreement, First Elder confirmed that once Li Qiye reaches the Physique Accumulation level he will get King grade's Physique Paste. Elders also allowed him to pick one Merit Law for Physique, Life Wheel, and Fate Palace, and, upon Li Qiye's request, allowed him choose any Life Treasure, True Treasure or Longevity Treasure below the third floor of the Ancient Triangular School.[25]

Starting Cultivation[]

Li Qiye set off for the Heavenly Crow Peak, together with Nan Huairen. He was perplexed with a sudden change of Elder Cao's behavior, so Nan Huairen told him about four factions struggling for power in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[25]

Choosing the Merit Laws[]

At the Heavenly Crow Peak Li Qiye was surprised to see a chained man. Nan Huairen told him that currently no one in the Sect knows why he chained there.[26]

They first entered the Scripture Library to choose Merit Laws. The Elders didn't announced Li Qiye's success in the trials, since they didn't knew Nine Saint Demon Gate's intentions about the marriage. So, seeing Li Qiye, other disciples believed that he failed his trials and ridiculed him. Nan Huairen was both embarrassed and indignant by this, but Li Qiye completely ignored them.[27]

Li Qiye went through three levels of the Scripture Library and was unpleasantly surprised to see almost empty shelves. Nan Huairen told him that almost all Sect's powerful Merit Laws were stolen 30,000 years ago by the Heavenly God Sect. Eventually Li Qiye chose the techniques he needed, including many Martial Arts. Because of what he was again ridiculed by other disciples, while Qu Daoli and Scripture Library's protector tried to advise him to choose something else. They also advised him against the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, since it can ruin his future cultivation. Li Qiye insisted on his choice, but was quite impressed with Qu Daoli's personality.[28]

Regaining Memories[]

Li Qiye left the Scripture Library and returned to the Lonely Peak. He used manuals for Martial Arts to recreate the Physique Scripture that he hid there millions of years ago.[29]

Next day, Nan Huairen arrived and told Li Qiye that the Elders are sending him away to inform the Sect Master about the events regarding the marriage between Li Qiye and Li Shuangyan. Li Qiye didn't mind, so Nan Huairen quickly left.[30]

Li Qiye studied the Kun Peng's Six Minor Forms to regain his memories about its superior version, the Kun Peng's Six Variants. After that he began to study Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law. Li Qiye wanted to create flawless foundation for his Cultivation, so he wasn't in a rush. It took him three days to fully restore all his memories about these Merit Laws and their profound truths.[31]

Opening Fate Palace[]

Having successfully done this, he finally started his cultivation. Li Qiye used the Kun Peng's Six Variants to knock at the Fate Palace's gate in order to open it.[32]

It took him five days and nights to open the Fate Palace, thus, he completed the first stage of the Palace Foundation level, the First Entrance.[33]

Li Qiye entered his Fate Palace and used the Kun Peng's Six Variants to wake up the spirits inside, starting the second stage of the Palace Foundation level, the Second Awakening. At the same time he used the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law to train his Life Wheel.[33]

Ten days later Nan Huairen returned to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. He informed Li Qiye that the Second Brother, the second disciple of the Sect Master, is planning to return to the Sect, but Li Qiye wasn't interested in it.[33]

Nan Huairen noticed that Li Qiye had started his Cultivation. He was unpleasantly surprised that it took five days for Li Qiye to open his Fate Palace as it was a sign of a very low talent for cultivation. Any other cultivator will be ashamed of such a result, but Li Qiye was unperturbed as always as he possessed unshakable self-confidence.[33]

Choosing a Weapon[]

With Nan Huairen's return, Li Qiye decided to visit the Weapon Armory. They went through three levels of the Armory; Nan Huairen suggested to him one weapon after another, but Li Qiye wasn't interested in any of them. Nan Huairen told him that these weapons were already one of the best in the Sect, as the Sect no longer had any of Min Ren's Life and True Treasures.[34]

When Li Qiye returned to the first floor without any weapon, other disciples started to mock him. Li Qiye ordered Nan Huairen to beat them.[35]

Li Qiye chose the mortal dual blades as his weapon, that surprised the Weapon Armory's Protector, but he quickly agreed. Li Qiye then reminded the beaten disciples that they need to be grateful toward Nan Huairen for saving their lives and that they better behave in front of him next time otherwise they would be dead. After that he and Nan Huairen left the Weapon Armory, returning to the Lonely Peak.[35]

Nan Huairen asked why Li Qiye had chose a pair of mortal blades instead of some Life or True Treasure. Li Qiye didn't tell him the truth, only that despite the fact that they were indeed a mortal blades, they were capable to slice apart even the True Treasure of the Enlightened Being. He also said that as long as Nan Huairen serves him well, he will not mistreat him and will give him powerful Treasures and Merit Laws.[36]

After Nan Huairen left, Li Qiye removed the rust from the blades. They were in fact Min Ren's Emperor's Possession so he tried to connect with Immortal Emperor's consciousness hidden inside. As Min Ren's teacher Li Qiye understood his consciousness better than anyone so he was confident to succeed.[36]

Completing the Palace Foundation[]

For the next three months Li Qiye cultivated at the Lonely Peak. Apart from Nan Huairen and Protector Mo no one paid him any attention.[36]

Three months had passed and he finally managed to complete the second stage of the Palace Foundation level, the Second Awakening.[36]

During the next day Li Qiye used the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law to purify his Blood Energy into his first drop of the Longevity Blood, thus completing the Palace Foundation level.[37]

Next day Nan Huairen visited Li Qiye and was marveled to see that Li Qiye reached the Palace Expansion level. He realized that it was thanks to the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law and advised Li Qiye to change it as soon as possible because of its flaw.[37] He also informed Li Qiye that the Second Brother is coming to the Sect in a few days, but Li Qiye wasn't interested in it.[38]

Hell Suppressing Deity Physique[]

Li Qiye used the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique Merit Law and started to cultivate the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique.[38]

He spent the next month on the Lonely Peak, cultivating his Physique. At the same time he completed all three stages of the Palace Expansion level and reached the Physique Accumulation level.[39]

Tu Bu Yu[]

On the next day Li Qiye finally met the Sect's Second Disciple, Tu Bu Yu, who happened to be an old man over one thousand years old. Despite his age, Tu Bu Yu didn't bat an eye to call 13-years old Li Qiye "Senior Brother", much to his disapproval.[40]

Li Shuangyan's visit[]

On the next day the Nine Saint Demon Gate sent a message to Protector Mo, informing him that Li Shuangyan will come next day to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Protector Mo and Nan Huairen told about it to Li Qiye, who was surprised that the Nine Saint Demon Gate sent her so fast.[40]

Li Qiye then ordered Protector Mo to inform the Elders about it.[41]

Next day all the elders, protectors, sectional leaders and many disciples gathered in the Grand Temple to meet Li Shuangyan.[41]

To their surprise, it wasn't only Li Shuangyan who came; she was accompanied by Grand Protector Yu He. They were even more surprised by Yu He's extremely polite attitude towards Li Qiye. On behalf of the Demon King, Yu He invited Li Qiye to visit the Nine Saint Demon Gate in his spare time and assured him that the Demon King will personally meet him. Li Qiye thanked Yu He, and told him to feel at home in the Sect, and if there are any inconveniences, to just let Protector Mo or Nan Huairen know.[42]

After that Li Qiye went away with Li Shuangyan under the gazes of the shocked crowd. He brought her to the Lonely Peak. Li Qiye assured her that he understands her frustration of being ordered to follow a person unworthy of her attention, and that he is not going to force her to follow him. If she decides to stay, she will be his sword-maid, and will need to act accordingly. Otherwise she can leave, but once he ascends to the Immortal Emperor's throne, there will be no place for her by his side.[43]

Li Shuangyan decided to test his capabilities, so she took out the Ancient Beast Fur's Formation. Li Qiye recognized it as the part of the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation with one glance and easily described its origin as if it was just an ordinary object. His knowledge about its secrets completely shocked Li Shuangyan.[43]

While she was dazed, Li Qiye spanked her several times for questioning him. Li Shuangyan was enraged, but Li Qiye ignored her protests and sent her off to find a place in which to live. He also advised her to not study the Ancient Beast Fur's Formation any more as it can ruin her cultivation.[44]

After Li Shuangyan left his mansion, Li Qiye reminisced about the ancient war in which he used the Immortal Emperor Slaughtering Formation against the Ancient Ming and bathed the Nine Worlds in blood.[44]

Cleansing Jade Peak[]

New Appointment[]

For the next days Li Qiye cultivated as usual, not caring about Li Shuangyan in the slightest.[44]

Seven days later the Elders decided that Li Qiye will temporarily replace Sectional Leader Zhou as the instructor of Cleansing Jade Peak. Sectional Leader Zhou brought a list of disciples of the Cleansing Jade Peak, as well as detailed information regarding them to Li Qiye. Angered by Li Qiye's arrogance, Sectional Leader Zhou gave him the roster, and quickly left without leaving any words or reminders behind.[44]

Nan Huairen informed him that entire appointment was the First Elder's idea, but he wanted to send Li Qiye to the Strange Gem Peak. However, Cao Xiong intervened and Li Qiye was appointed to the Cleansing Jade Peak instead, where Cao Xiong has great influence.[45]

Li Qiye wasn't too much interested in the Elders schemes, so he sent Nan Huairen to bring him manuals for all Merit Laws that the Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples were practicing.[45]

First Elder's Plan[]

However, before Nan Huairen had returned, Li Qiye was invited to meet the First Elder via his disciple.[45]

First Elder explained to Li Qiye, that sooner or later the Heavenly God Sect will not tolerate the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect anymore and will destroy them completely. That's why right now the Sect is in dire need of the Nine Saint Demon Gate's support. First Elder neither approve the current Sect Master, nor did he want to see Cao Xiong as the next Sect master, since he colluded with Dong Shenglong from the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom. Since Li Qiye managed to get approval of Li Shuangyan, First Elder decided to bet everything on Li Qiye and help him earn some merit points and consolidate his position in the Sect. That's why he appointed him as the instructor of Cleansing Jade Peak.[46]

Li Qiye agreed to help him, but in turn he wants the promised King Physique Paste, because he already reached the Physique Accumulation level. And he also requires the Hell Iron Bull's marrow as the leading component of the Paste. First Elder reluctantly agrees to his request, but the condition is that Li Qiye must marry Li Shuangyan.[46]

Li Qiye returned to the Lonely Peak and asked Nan Huairen and Protector Mo about Sect Master's origin. However, they didn't know much.[47]


Putting this matter aside, Li Qiye fully concentrated on his duties of the Cleansing Jade Peak's instructor. Being a master of several Immortal Emperors, he was unwilling to spoil his reputation, and therefore took his duties with all responsibility. He carefully studied all available information about Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples cultivation, their talents and Merit Laws they practiced. He even visited the Scripture Library to study some additional Merit Laws.[47]

Next morning, fully prepared, Li Qiye went to the Cleansing Jade Peak with Nan Huairen.[47]


In order to make things difficult for Li Qiye, Sectional Leader Zhou assured the disciples of the Cleansing Jade Peak that Li Qiye is a useless trash, and, if anything happens, no one will help or protect him. Because of that, once Li Qiye appeared at the Cleansing Jade Peak, he was immediately berated and cursed by disciples to go away.[48]

Luo Fenghua, as the most talented and powerful disciple at the Cleansing Jade Peak, challenged Li Qiye but was quickly beaten by him. For challenging his authority, Li Qiye beat all 300 disciples with the Serpent Punishing Stick. Some of them tried to escape, but were thrown back by Nan Huairen and still beaten.[48][49]


After the beating, Li Qiye left the Cleansing Jade Peak, while someone informed Sectional Leader Zhou about the events. In the afternoon, Sectional Leader Zhou came to Li Qiye to reprimand him for his behavior, but Li Qiye sent him away without a care for his opinion.[49]

Li Shuangyan was surprised that Li Qiye wasn't afraid to make too many enemies, and provoked stronger people without a care for consequences. Li Qiye, however, reminded her that she is his sword-maid now, and it is her duty to protect him from enemies. He promised, that if she serve him well, then in the future he will help her to cultivate her natural born Pure Crystal Physique into one of the Immortal Physiques, the Void Imperfection Physique.[49]

Knowing how precious was a Physique Merit Law for Immortal Physique, Li Shuangyan naturally believed that he was just boasting. Li Qiye then utilized the power of his Hell Suppressing Deity Physique and sent a kick towards her. Li Shuangyan barely blocked it and realized that he cultivates an Immortal Physique.[49][50]

A Beating Once More[]

The next day Li Qiye was again challenged by Luo Fenghua, who asked for a fair match, without using the Serpent Punishing Stick. Li Qiye agreed and used the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique instead, seriously injuring Luo Fenghua with a simple kick. Li Qiye then again beat all 300 disciples with the Serpent Punishing Stick.[50]

The beating repeated the next day, with Luo Fenghua again being the first and everyone else after him.[50]

On the fourth day, however, the first person wasn't Luo Fenghua, but another disciple, Zhang Yu. He volunteered, because in his opinion it was no matter in which order they were beaten or how they pleaded for mercy; Li Qiye will still beat them all ruthlessly for challenging his authority.[50]

To test his resolve and mentality, Li Qiye beat Zhang Yu especially vicious. Again and again, he struck Zhang Yu, and Zhang Yu, again and again, stood up just to be struck by Li Qiye, to the ground. Eventually, Zhang Yu was no longer able to stand up from the strikes.[51]

Li Qiye's True Intentions[]

Li Qiye then explained, that if he was really unhappy with their behavior, he would have killed them all already. Xu Pei was the first person who realized that Li Qiye wasn't just beating them for challenging his authority. He attacked their weakest points to help them to see and fix their flaws and thus increase their strength. Appreciating her intelligence, Li Qiye appointed Xu Pei as the head of all disciples on the Cleansing Jade Peak. He then gave her pointers about flaws in her Merit Laws.[51]

Xu Pei's words enlightened other disciples, afterwards, each disciple was carefully studying each blow from Li Qiye. Alas, the other disciples weren't as lucky as Xu Pei; Li Qiye was only beating them, he didn't give them pointers.[52]

After beating everyone, Li Qiye gave them three days of rest to carefully think about their flaws.[52]


Three days later Li Qiye once again started the beating, but this time he commented each of his strike and gave pointers to every disciple.[52]

Li Qiye had beaten the 300 disciples for another ten days, and completely remolded all of them regardless of their cultivations and flawed techniques. Under Li Qiye's order, Li Shuangyan accompanied him to the Cleansing Jade Peak several times. Even a genius like her was shocked by Li Qiye's knowledge, while the 300 disciples were completely conquered by him and became his diehard supporters.[53]

Dao Lectures[]

After half a month of beating, Li Qiye gave lectures about the Jade Spiral Merit Law and Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's other basic merit laws. His insights into them shocked every disciple and even a genius like Li Shuangyan.[53][54]

Li Qiye then inspected every disciple's Fate Palace, Life Wheel and Physique. He discovered that Zhang Yu cultivated the wrong Merit Law because Sectional Leader Zhou had mistakenly identified his Physique. It resulted in a stagnation of Zhang Yu's cultivation for many years. If he continue, there will not be a half step of improvement. The only choice he have is to destroy his cultivation and start everything from the beginning. Zhang Yu was frightened by this, but eventually agreed and Li Shuangyan destroyed his foundation under Li Qiye's order.[54][55]

Yin Yang Sea of Blood[]

With the cultivation of all Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples set on track, Li Qiye allowed them to self-cultivate and only preached on the Dao every once in awhile.[55][56]

Li Qiye returned to his Lonely Peak to focus on his own cultivation.[55]

Since he already reached the Physique Accumulation level, he was now able to use the Longevity Treasures. Back in the Nine Saint Demon Gate's Saint Cavern he obtained the Yin Yang Sea of Blood. Now he took it out and used the Revolving Crescent Sun Merit Law, Kun Peng's Six Variants and Hell Suppressing Deity Physique to subdue the Yin Yang Sea of Blood and refine it into his Longevity Treasure.[55]

Li Qiye then used the Yin Yang Sea of Blood to achieve the Physique Accumulation's second stage the Body Tempering.[55]

Giving Pointers[]

Protector Mo inadvertently heard Li Qiye's Dao instruction at the Cleansing Jade Peak and it startlingly granted him great benefits. He was so shocked with Li Qiye's knowledge that he wanted to be examined by Li Qiye, just like he did with the Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples. However, he didn't know how to ask Li Qiye. Around a month later Protector Mo asked Nan Huairen for help and they come to the Lonely Peak.[56]

Nan Huairen acted as if he was the one who needed the pointers, but Li Qiye easily saw through their little scheme. Li Qiye scolded them for being too timid and shy; as his followers they just needed to be frank and directly ask him for help if they wanted anything.[56]

Li Qiye examined their cultivation and learned that both of them used the Violet Cloud Merit Law. Li Qiye gave them pointers how to use it more efficiently and also promised that within a year they would be able to practice a complete Violet Yang Ten Suns Merit Law (Violet Cloud Merit Law's superior version).[56]

A few days later Nan Huairen had returned to Li Qiye and happily announced that his cultivation was now five or six times faster, thanks to Li Qiye's pointers.[56]

Around the same time, Elder Sun's cultivation had a problem. Protector Mo, as his disciple, naturally had to help his master, so he convinced him to let Li Qiye look at him. Li Qiye examined Elder Sun's cultivation and easily identified the problem. Elder Sun used wrong medicine. It conflicted with medicines he previously used and thus it affected his cultivation. Li Qiye then gave him pointers on how to change the situation.[56][57]

In just one month Elder Sun's problem was successfully solved. Elder Sun was startled by Li Qiye's knowledge and advised him to become an alchemist, but Li Qiye declined his offer. Elder Sun didn't give up, and sent Protector Mo to convince Li Qiye, but Li Qiye declined again.[58]

Physique Paste[]

Li Qiye resumed his cultivation, and three months later he reached the peak of the Physique Accumulation's second stage. He required the Physique Paste to enter the Physique Accumulation's third stage, so he went to First Elder for the Physique Paste that Six Elders promised to him.[58]

First Elder already gathered all materials needed and was only unsure on how to refine the Paste. The Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect had two Alchemists who were capable to create a King Physique Paste: Cao Xiong and Elder Sun. Elder Sun was ready to help, but wasn't too sure in the result. Cao Xiong, on the other hand, was sure in result, but wasn't willing to help. Li Qiye thus decided that he would take care about Paste's creation himself.[59]


Lonely Peak's extortion[]

When Li Qiye returned to the Lonely Peak, it was occupied by Leng Shizhi. Leng Shizhi was courting Li Shuangyan for many months, but she ignored him, so he decided to move to the Lonely Peak and threatened Li Qiye to move out. Li Qiye ignored Leng Shizhi's threats and ordered Li Shuangyan to kick him out.[59][60]

Li Qiye then ordered Li Shuangyan to sent a message to Demon King Lun Ri and tell him that he required an alchemist to refine a King Physique Paste.[60]

Massacre at Cleansing Jade Peak[]

Few days later Cao Xiong sent Sectional Leader Zhou to cause trouble at the Cleansing Jade Peak. Sectional Leader Zhou summoned all of the disciples to check their cultivation and heavily criticized and beaten all of them. Luo Fenghua and several other disciples managed to escape. They rushed to the Lonely Peak to ask Li Qiye for help. Li Qiye realized that it was a trap for him, but even so he went to the Cleansing Jade Peak and Li Shuangyan followed him.[61]

Once on the Peak, without wasting time to argue with Sectional Leader Zhou, Li Qiye immediately used the Serpent Punishing Stick to beat him. Sectional Leader Zhou then summoned a law enforcement team that "coincidentally" patrolled nearby. This law enforcement team was formed from the Cao Xiong's supporters and was led by his disciples, Protector Hu and Leng Shizhi. They immediately framed Li Qiye in many crimes and used it as an excuse to attack him.[61]

Li Shuangyan wanted to stop them, but Li Qiye decided to personally deal with them. He used the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique and the Kun Peng's Six Variants to instantly defeat Leng Shizhi and kill three Sectional Leaders. Protector Hu tried to stop his rampage, but was intercepted by Tu Bu Yu. Tu Bu Yu used the War God Formula to seriously injure Protector Hu and Li Qiye used this opportunity to finish him off. He then killed Leng Shizhi as well.[62][63]


Killing sectional leaders and a protector was a huge crime, punishable by death. Luo Fenghua and other disciples tried to persuade Li Qiye to flee to escape from death, but he nonchalantly refused and said that it was a self-defense, not murder.[64]

Cao Xiong and Dong Shenglong received the news and rushed to the Cleansing Jade Peak. They immediately attacked Li Qiye, but were blocked by Li Shuangyan.[64]

Soon after Gu Tieshou and other Elders also arrived and demanded an explanation. Cao Xiong blamed Li Qiye in betraying the Sect and killing his fellow disciples and the law enforcement team. Li Qiye retorted that the traitor was not he, but rather Cao Xiong, who conspired with Dong Shenglong to frame and kill him in order to destroy the marital agreement between the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and the Nine Saint Demon Gate, because it would threaten Dong Shenglong's Heavenly God Sect.[64][65]

Dong Shenglong was enraged by this "slander" and tried to kill Li Qiye, but Gu Tieshou forced him to retreat. Abandoned by Dong Shenglong, Cao Xiong still tried to incriminate Li Qiye. His follower Sectional Leader Zhou accused Li Qiye in teaching wrong merit laws to the Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples and undermining their cultivation. Gu Tieshou then asked several disciples about Li Qiye's teachings. He and other Elders were shocked by Li Qiye's knowleadge and insights.[65][66]

"Old Grandpa" In My Dreams[]

Cao Xiong then used his last ace and accused Li Qiye in stealing the manual for Kun Peng's Six Variants. As the Sect's last complete Immortal Emperor Merit Law, the Kun Peng's Six Variants was heavily guarded, and even Elders could not easily get access to it. Li Qiye, however, told them that after learning the Kun Peng's Six Minor Forms he saw an "old grandpa" in his dream and learned the Kun Peng's Six Variants from him.[66][67]

While not fully believing him, the Elders decided to give it a try and allowed Li Qiye to study another Minor Emperor Merit Law, the Violet Cloud Merit Law, in the hope that "old grandpa" will taught him its superior form. Thanks to his memory restoration ability, Li Qiye immediately regained his memories about the Violet Yang Ten Suns Merit Law, but intentionally stalled for time. Three months later Li Qiye brought the complete manual for the Violet Yang Ten Suns Merit Law to Elders.[67][68]

As a reward for his great merits, Li Qiye asked the Elders to allow Protector Mo and Nan Huairen to learn the Violet Yang Ten Suns Merit Law and the Elders agreed.[68][69]

Ghost Pavilion[]

Because of Li Qiye's achievements and potential, five Elders decided to wave off his crimes. Cao Xiong, however, insisted that they need to punish him at least a little to appease other disciples. The Elders then decided to send Li Qiye to the Ghost Pavilion for half a year with Protector Mo as overseer.[69][70]

Nan Huairen was greatly alarmed when he heard about it, because the Ghost Pavilion was known as the scariest place in the Sect, but Li Qiye wasn't worried at all.[70]

Li Qiye went to the Ghost Pavilion, accompanied by Nan Huairen, Protector Mo and Li Shuangyan. Protector Mo and Nan Huairen cleaned the Ghost Pavilion and the peak, while Li Shuangyan observed and analyzed the Ghost Pavilion. She discovered that entire Pavilion was covered in faint paterns, she felt that they were very special, but couldn't see through the mysterious truths inside of them.[71] She asked Li Qiye about them and he revealed that they were zither melodies. He then sent Li Shuangyan and others away as he decided to stay in the Ghost Pavilion alone. He ordered Protector Mo to watch over Cao Xiong.[72]

At night, the ghost appeared and used illusions to frighten Li Qiye, but he ignored them. Li Qiye used zither melodies to dispel illusions and to summon the Ancient Zither from under the ground.[72] Li Qiye played the Flowing Water Mortal Home melody on Ancient Zither and the ghost transformed into its original form, Su Yu He. She recognized him as Dark Crow, because only he and Min Ren knew this melody. Li Qiye was saddened that she still hadn't dissipated and promised that he would dig out her remains and bury her under the Peach Tree, to fulfill her last wish.[73]

Su Yu He told him that she was awakened by the evil energy from the Secret under the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Li Qiye believed that it was impossible, since he and Min Ren sealed entire place, but still decided to readjust his plans and check the situation in the near future.[74]

Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's attack[]

While Li Qiye stayed in the Zither Pavilion, the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom sent an army to attack the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. The Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's general, War Noble Lie, quickly defeated and seemingly injured Cao Xiong, who then returned to the Sect to heal his wounds. War Noble Lie then fought against Gu Tieshou. Li Qiye observed their battle from afar, but didn't paid it much attention.[75]

Five days later Cao Xiong came to the Zither Pavilion with a copy of Daylight Sky Merit Law's manual. He urged Li Qiye to study it in the hope that he could obtain Min Ren's Heaven's Will Secret Law, ostensibly to help Gu Tieshou in his battle. Li Qiye, however, easily deduced his real intentions and refused to cooperate. At this moment, Protector Mo, who had watched over Cao Xiong in recent days, brought other elders into the Zither Pavilion. All of them witnessed Cao Xiong's betrayal and demanded him to surrender. Cao Xiong then captured Li Qiye and threatened to kill him if other didn't make way. Before anyone could react, Dong Shenglong also came into the Zither Pavilion.[75]

After learning how to obtain Min Ren's Heaven's Will Secret Law, Dong Shenglong decided to kill elders and push the blame on Li Shuangyan and Nine Saint Demon Gate, but, before he could do anything, Li Qiye activated Zither Pavilion, killed Cao Xiong and destroyed Dong Shenglong's cultivation. The elders captured Dong Shenglong, while Li Qiye used Zither Pavilion's power to kill the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's army and cripple War Noble Lie.[76][77]

Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie were imprisoned and Li Qiye declared that three days later the Sect would publicly behead them. While some Elders and Protectors were wary of such bold actions, fearing a retaliation from the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom, Gu Tieshou fully supported Li Qiye. In fact, both of them hoped that the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom would send its strongest army for retaliation, because it would give the Sect an opportunity to kill them all with the Zither Pavilion's power and greatly damage the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's overall strength.[77]


In the next three days everyone in the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect, from disciples to elders, were nervous about the incoming execution of Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie. Li Qiye, however, was completely nonchalant. His behavior surprised Li Shuangyan, because even her Nine Saint Demon Gate wouldn't easily offend the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom and Heavenly God Sect, much less a declined Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Li Qiye replied that Heavenly God Sect is nothing and he can easily destroy it whenever he wishes. After staying with Li Qiye for almost a year and witnessing his shocking achievements and knowledge, Li Shuangyan no longer dared to be arrogant in front of him or treat his words lightly. She decided to send a report about entire situation to her master and Li Qiye wasn't against it.[78][79]

No sect dared to personally attend the execution, but they still observed if from afar. They were surprised to see an unknown youngster like Li Qiye to sit together with the Sect's elders as equal. They were even more surprised to see Li Shuangyan as it was a clear sign that the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect allied itself with the Nine Saint Demon Gate.[79]

The moment Gu Tieshou ordered to execute Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie he was stopped by Violet Mountain Noble - another general of the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom. Violet Mountain Noble ordered the Elders to immediately release the prisoners, and follow him to the capital to confess in their crimes and accept the punishment. Li Qiye intervened and told him to scram, otherwise he would be killed as well. Violet Mountain Noble was enraged and attacked Li Qiye, but was blocked by Li Shuangyan and Gu Tieshou.[79]

Gu Tieshou used the Kun Peng's Six Variants to block Violet Mountain Noble's attacks. Li Qiye observed him and commented that Gu Tieshou's technique was needlessly complex. After witnessing Li Qiye's Kun Peng's Six Variants, Gu Tieshou asked to observe him closely in hopes that he could get Li Qiye's guidance to serve as reference material.[79]

Violet Mountain Noble was unwilling to fight against Gu Tieshou and Li Shuangyan, so he took out his ace - Heavenly Jewel Mortal King's Amnesty Decree that suppressed everyone.[79]

However, even under suppression, Gu Tieshou still ordered to execute Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie. Seeing Gu Tieshou's strong resolve, Violet Mountain Noble made a concession: as long as the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect spare Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie lives, the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom will give them a quota to enter the Evil Infested Ridge.[80]

Gu Tieshou was tempted, but Li Qiye intervened again. He played on the Ancient Zither to activate the Zither Pavilion and with its power he destroyed the Amnesty Decree. The will of Heavenly Jewel Mortal King inside of Decree was provoked and immediately attacked Li Qiye. Even Gu Tieshou and Li Shuangyan were powerless against Heavenly Jewel Mortal King's will. Li Qiye activated the Nine Saint Demon Gate's Heavenly Guardians; one of them reached out with a hand and easily destroyed Heavenly Jewel Mortal King's will.[80]

Everyone were shocked, while Li Qiye calmly ordered to execute Dong Shenglong and War Noble Lie. Their heads were brought to Violet Mountain Noble with a message from Li Qiye to the Heavenly God Sect: "Whoever blocks my path, I kill without mercy!"

Revitalizing the Sect[]

Li Qiye and others returned to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Everyone in the Sect were jubilant after today's events as it allowed them to see a hope for the Sect's revival. Li Qiye, however, reminded them that they don't need to be too excited, because the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect is still very weak.[80]

In the next several days Li Qiye personally examined every member of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect from disciples to elders. He chose the most suitable Merit Laws for every individual and explained in details how to cultivate them in the most efficient way. Li Qiye's instructions enlightened everyone and entire Sect began to ardently cultivate.[81]

Li Qiye chose the most talented Sect members and divided them into four groups. The first one consisted of second generation disciples, Sectional Leaders and Protectors with Protector Mo as its leader. The talented disciples from the third generation were placed into the second group and Li Qiye chose Qu Daoli to lead it. The third group were the Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples with Xu Pei as their leader. After being personally trained by Li Qiye for a long time they became the Sect's future pillar. The last group consisted of the outer court members that hadn't yet became official disciples; they were a reserve force meant to be trained. Li Qiye wanted to appoint Nan Huairen as their leader, but Nan Huairen refused and decided to stay by Li Qiye's side as his servant.[81]

Li Qiye also regained his memories about Immortal Emperor Min Ren's Heaven's Will Secret Law — the Daylight Sky Immortal Secret, and another Immortal Emperor Merit Law — the Nine Cauldrons Longevity Law. However, they become the top secret of the Sect. Besides Li Qiye, only the five elders knew about them.[82]

Gu Tieshou ordered to rearrange the Scripture Library, the Weapon Armory, and the Treasure House and found mysterious Ancient Tablet. Li Qiye recognized the symbols on it and decided to take it away. Gu Tieshou then asked if there was a way to open the sealed floors. Li Qiye said that, while it is possible, it is not necessary, because there might be nothing in there. Any useful technique or treasure would've been used during the last war. Three levels were likely sealed later on to inspire future generations.[82]

Physique Paste[]

After setting the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect on track, Li Qiye returned to the Lonely Peak, and planned to resume his own cultivation. Li Shuangyan reported that Grandpa Sheng - the strongest alchemist in the Nine Saint Demon Gate - has arrived, and is ready to refine a King Physique Paste for Li Qiye. Li Qiye sent her to Gu Tieshou to prepare the materials.[82]

Three days later, on Lonely Peak, Gu Tieshou had prepared all of the required medicinal herbs and Grandpa Sheng started the refinement. Even Li Qiye was quite impressed by his skills, while Grandpa Sheng was surprised by Li Qiye's knowledge about alchemy.[82][83]

Grandpa Sheng successfully refined King Physique Paste and it helped Li Qiye to rebuild his body, fully transforming it into the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique. With this done, Li Qiye had broken through the Physique Accumulation level and stepped into the Provisional Palace level.[84]

Grandpa Sheng soon left the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. During his departure, he gave a message from Demon King Lun Ri to Li Qiye, telling him that he was always welcome as a guest at the Nine Saint Demon Gate.[84]

After Grandpa Sheng left, Li Qiye returned to the Lonely Peak and resumed his cultivation. Since he entered the Provisional Palace level, he spent the next day building the second Fate Palace.[84]

Giving Pointers to Li Shuangyan[]

Next day Li Shuangyan come to him asking for pointers in her cultivation.[84][85]

Li Qiye admitted that Li Shuangyan's Pure Jade Sacred Heart Art is quite good, but not good enough. If Li Shuangyan swore to be loyal and follow Li Qiye, then he will teach her the Physique Merit Law for the Void Imperfection Physique. Li Shuangyan made an oath and Li Qiye passed the Void Imperfection Physique Merit Law to her and explained all of its mysteries. He then commented that her Fate Palace Merit Law and Life Wheel Merit Law are good and compatible with one another, so she doesn't need to change them. The only aspect there she lacked was in attacking power. Since she was obsessed with the Formation Techniques Li Qiye promised to help her find a Formation with attacking power in the future, but she should stop to study the Ancient Beast Fur's Formation as she is unable to unravel its secrets and would just waste time.[85][86]

Visit to the Ancient Land[]

Discovering a Problem[]

A month later Li Qiye called for Nan Huairen. He decided to go to the Sect's Ancient Land to see its situation after being previously notified by Su Yu He that the evil energy under the Ancient Land is no longer completely sealed. Since Protector Mo had been to the Ancient Land a couple of times, Nan Huairen invited him to lead the way. Li Shuangyan followed them as well.[86]

Li Qiye intended to begin rebuilding the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect by fixing the Ancient Land, but when they came to the Ancient Land, Li Qiye discovered that the seal that he and Min Ren placed on this land at the start of the Emperors Era was partially broken with only Emperor's Foundation still intact. Nan Huairen and Protector Mo told him that 50,000 to 30,000 years ago a Great Calamity struck and almost destroyed the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect and it was the reason why the Sect rapidly declined and was when attacked by the Heavenly God Sect.[87]

Realizing that happened, Li Qiye was forced to postpone the fixing of the Ancient Land, as he was currently not powerful enough to deal with the Great Calamity's aftermath.[88]

Giant Snail[]

While he was contemplating about his future plans, Nan Huairen discovered a big hole dug out in the Ancient Land. Li Qiye observed and analysed the big hole and from it he recognized the origin of intruder. Li Qiye then ordered Protector Mo to return to the Sect and bring several materials. Protector Mo came back after one day. They used the materials that Protector Mo brought to smoke out an intruder who turned out to be a giant snail.[88]

Li Qiye instantly saw through giant snail's cultivation level and commented that it was not bad, but quite far from the pinnacle of his race - the Eighteen Solutions. The giant snail attacked Li Qiye and tried to rip out his knowleadge directly from his mind, but was stopped and blown away by Li Qiye's mind protection.[88][5]

Li Qiye was completely enraged, as attempts to read his mind and memories was his greatest taboo. He ordered Nan Huairen and Protector Mo to drag the giant snail back and then boil it with the rest of the materials Protector Mo brought from the Sect. The process removed the natural protection of the snail's body and allowed Li Qiye to extract its Longevity Blood. The giant snail was terrified and to save his life he vowed to serve as Li Qiye's mount.[5][89]

The snail then transformed into a human form and introduced himself as Niu Fen from the Heaven Ancestral Snail Race. Nan Huairen wondered why Niu Fen drilled a hole in their Sect's Ancient Land, and Li Qiye answered that he likely was searching for some remnants left by Calamity God - the Sect's Heavenly Guardian who was also a Heaven Ancestral Snail.[89]

Li Qiye ordered Niu Fen to dig a deep hole in certain location of the Ancient Land and when bury him. Nan Huairen was frightened by this order as it was a bad omen, but Li Qiye insisted. The burying was a special type of communication, and Li Qiye spent five days underground, but still couldn't connect to the person he was looking for.[note 1] After that the group returned back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect.[89]

Sect Master's Return[]

Sect Master's origin[]

The moment they returned to the Sect, they were greeted by an alarmed Elder Sun. He informed Li Qiye that Sect Master Su Yonghuang had returned and is currently in the Grand Chamber arguing with other Elders about whether or not to go to the Evil Infested Ridge.[90]

Li Qiye wasn't very interested in his so-called master, but still went to the Grand Chamber with his followers. He was greatly surprised that Su Yonghuang was actually a young woman, rather than an old man as he imagined based on the age of her disciple Tu Bu Yu. However, after short observation Li Qiye deduced her origin and understood why she was chosen to become Sect Master. He then asked the Elders to let them speak alone.[90]

They returned to the Lonely Peak and Li Qiye immediately revealed Su Yonghuang's identity of being a member of Heaven's Edge's Su Clan - a direct descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Su Yonghuang was shocked, because no one except for Tu Bu Yu knew about her origin.[91] Su Yonghuang was even more shocked when Li Qiye told her that she wrongly cultivated the Solar Immortal Physique, because she wasn't born with the Minor Sky Physique (one of the two King Physiques from the the Solar Immortal Physique's branch) as she believed, but rather with one the six special Saint Physiques - the Complete Yang Saint Physique.[92]

Seeing his deep knowledge and abilities, as well as the fact that "Min Ren was teaching him in his dreams" Su Yonghuang wanted to leave the position of the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's Sect Master to Li Qiye. However, he refused, because as the descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren it is her responsibility to revive and support Min Ren's lineage.[92][93]

Ancestry Acceptance[]

Next day Li Qiye gathered the elders, Su Yonghuang and Tu Bu Yu in the Grand Chamber. He revealed to elders that Su Yonghuang was a direct descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. He also used this opportunity to give Su Ru a proper title of Imperial Queen - official wife of Immortal Emperor Min Ren. Even though it was already too late for Su Ru, at the very least, it allowed her descendant Su Yonghuang to accept her ancestry.[94]

To prove that Su Yonghuang is the descendant of Immortal Emperor Min Ren, Li Qiye asked the elders to bring Min Ren's self-portrait. The elders compared the painting with Su Yonghuang, and discovered that they indeed had many similarities. Su Yonghuang then spilled a drop of blood on the portrait. The blood summoned Immortal Emperor Min Ren's spirit from the painting and it looked at Su Yonghuang, confirming her status.[94][95]

Moreover, Immortal Emperor Min Ren's spirit also looked at Li Qiye. Emperor naturally recognized his teacher, but to elders it seemed as a confirmation of that Li Qiye was seeing Min Ren in his dreams as he claimed.[95]

New Plans[]

Li Qiye then declared that he would led a group of disciples to the Evil Infested Ridge for training. The Elders were apprehensive that other sects and nations would not allow them to enter the Evil Infested Ridge, but Li Qiye insisted. Gu Tieshou then decided to go with them and bring Min Ren's self-portrait for protection.[95]

Su Yonghuang wanted to go as well or at least sent disciples she personally trained with resources of the Su Clan, but Li Qiye refused. They were already well-trained, so it was better for them to stay in the Sect. Instead, he decided to take Tu Bu Yu with him.[95]

Evil Infested Ridge[]

At the Entrance[]

Next day Li Qiye lead Gu Tieshou, Tu Bu Yu, Protector Mo, Nan Huairen, Qu Daoli and the Cleansing Jade Peak's disciples to the Evil Infested Ridge for training. They traveled on Niu Fen's back, and Li Qiye also brought Li Shuangyan with him.[96]

When the group from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect came to the Evil Infested Ridge's entrance, they were immediately blocked by the Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's Suppressive Might Noble, because the Sect was no longer qualified to enter the Evil Infested Ridge. Suppressive Might Noble demanded them to leave immediately, but Li Qiye ignored his demands and threats and ordered Gu Tieshou to make him scram.[97]

Gu Tieshou vs Suppressive Might Noble[]

Suppressive Might Noble was enraged by such treatment and attacked Li Qiye, but was blocked by Gu Tieshou. Li Qiye then nonchalantly led the group closer to the entrance. The Heavenly Jewel Kingdom's disciples tried to block his path, but all of them were eaten by Niu Fen. After that no one dared to block the path. Li Qiye arrived in front of the Evil Infested Ridge's entrance and reminisced about the past.[98]

Li Qiye observed the battle between Suppressive Might Noble and Gu Tieshou and gave the latter few pointers on how better utilize the Kun Peng's Six Variants. With these pointers Gu Tieshou had quickly defeated his enemy and was ready to kill him.[99] Violet Mountain Noble managed to arrive just in time with another Heavenly Jewel Mortal King's Amnesty Decree and promise to not stop the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect from entering the Evil Infested Ridge if they don't kill Suppressive Might Noble. Seeing the Kingdom give in, Li Qiye decided to not pursue the matter and allowed Suppressive Might Noble to survive.[100]

Southern Heavenly Kingdom[]

Soon, Nantian Hao led his people from the Southern Heavenly Kingdom to the Evil Infested Ridge looking for treasures. Upon arriving, he saw Li Shuangyan and immediately tried to gain her attention, but hadn't get any.[101]

Nantian Hao then noticed Li Qiye standing closely to Li Shuangyan, and grew immensely jealous. He tried to interrogate Li Qiye, only to be completely ignored by him. Some of the clansmen berated Li Qiye, but were beaten up by Li Shuangyan, while Li Qiye reminded them to be less arrogant, because Southern Heavenly Kingdom isn't really an Imperial Lineage and have no right to act all high and mighty.[101]

Heavenly God Sect[]

Heavenly God Dao Child overheard Li Qiye's conversation with Nantian Hao. He tried to put down Li Qiye by reminding him about countless geniuses and mighty lineages that could easily kill him for slightest offence, but Li Qiye dismissed all of it with derision towards the so-called geniuses.[102]

Chen Baojiao supported Li Qiye and attacked Heavenly God Dao Child out of defiance for their arranged marriage. Unfortunately, she was weaker than Dao Child and was almost defeated. Li Qiye ordered Li Shuangyan to stop Dao Child, while he himself invited Chen Baojiao to join his side.[102][103]

Eventually, Li Qiye became annoyed with constant interference from various powers and ordered Gu Tieshou to use Min Ren's portrait to deal with all enemies once and for all. The stalemate was broken by a sudden opening of the Evil Infested Ridge ahead of time and Li Qiye decided that it was more important to enter the Ridge than to deal with enemies.[104]

Entering the Ridge[]

After entering the Evil Infested Ridge Li Qiye took away Min Ren's portrait from Gu Tieshou and activated its full power to ward off Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits. Under portrait's protection the group had safely traveled deeper into the Evil Infested Ridge.[105]

Li Qiye led the group to the Cassia Lotus Tree and left them under Tree's protection to hunt down Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits and gather precious materials.[106]


Li Qiye then went to another part of the Evil Infested Ridge to cultivate and train the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique. Various Heavenly Beasts and Longevity Spirits attacked him on the way, but he killed all of them and gathered their Beast Marrows, Dao Bones, Longevity Blood and Life Rings.[107][108]

During this training period Li Qiye created his second Fate Palace and reached the Inner Longevity level.[109]

His most intense battle was with the Sky Shouldering Ape. Li Qiye used only his Hell Suppressing Deity Physique to defeat it, but was seriously injured in the process. He spent entire month recuperating, before continuing the travel.[109]

He preferred to fight only Heavenly Beasts, because they would fight until the collapse of one party, while Longevity Spirits would always hide and sneak attack without ever giving up.[110]

Eventually Li Qiye reached the western part of the Evil Infested Ridge, where he left Little Silly at the start of the Emperors Era. Unfortunately, he discovered that entire place was ravaged and Little Silly was killed by someone. Founding only its Dao Bone, Li Qiye took it away with him.[111]


He returned back to Cassia Lotus Tree and gave Beast Marrows, Life Rings and other things he gathered to Gu Tieshou to serve as reward for Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect's disciples. He personally gave the most precious thing — 1000000 years old Longevity Spirit's life ring — to Xu Pei as a reward for saving her fellow disciples. Li Qiye also rewarded Nan Huairen, for being his first follower in the Current Era.[112]

Hunt for the Frog[]

Li Shuangyan then shared news about what happened in the Evil Infested Ridge while he was gone, including news about mysterious frog. Hearing about it, Li Qiye immediately realized what it is and gave chase to capture it.[113]

During the chase they witnessed the bloody light. Many other cultivators thought it was produced by some powerful treasure, while Li Qiye recognized its true origin — it was a sign of Evil Typha Tree's reemergence.[114]

They had also met Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom's Heavenly Prince and Leng Chengfeng from the Nine Saint Demon Gate. Li Qiye humiliated Heavenly Prince and was attacked by one of the Kingdom's elders. However, Niu Fen not only stopped the attack, but also torn away and devoured elder's arm. Everyone present were scared by his action. Kingdom's Grandpa Guan was the only one, who recognized Niu Fen's origin and quickly persuaded Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince to drop the matter and retreat.[115]

Li Qiye was disappointed to see a member of the Nine Saint Demon Gate together with Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and warned Li Shuangyan that the Gate should stay away from the Ancient Kingdom.[115]


Li Qiye's group continued the chase of the mysterious frog, but soon they were stopped and surrounded by the Jiangzuo Clan's cavalry. Afraid of Gu Tieshou and Min Ren's self-portrait's power, Noble Jiangzuo proposed a "fair" duel to Li Qiye with Kun Peng's Six Variants and Wise Heart Jewel Box as a bets. Li Qiye agreed for a duel 15 days later, so Noble Jiangzuo lead his cavalry away.[115][116][117]

However, Noble Jiangzuo and Jiangzuo Tieyi — as well as many other powerful cultivators — secretly tailed Li Qiye, wanting to capture him and get the Kun Peng's Six Variants. Li Qiye easily figured out their plans and ordered Niu Fen to run faster, as if in panic, to lure out every greedy cultivator. Soon, a large group gathered and started to attack Li Qiye's group. They were all blocked by Li Shuangyan, while Niu Fen was "frantically" running away deeper into the Evil Infested Ridge.[117]

Under Li Qiye's instructions, they soon reached a territory of a million years old Heavenly BeastHeaven Extermination Devil Ape — who killed all pursuers, while Jiangzuo Tieyi was seriously wounded and then personally beheaded by Li Qiye. Noble Jiangzuo's corpse was also beheaded.[118]

Li Qiye then brought their heads to the entrance of the Evil Infested Ridge and hung them on a tree as a warning to every other greedy people who wanted to target him.[119]

Resumption of the Hunt[]

Li Qiye then resumed his hunt for the mysterious frog. Together with Li Shuangyan he created a perfect lair for the frog to rest. Li Qiye sent Li Shuangyan and Niu Fen away while he hid himself and waited for the frog to come.[119][120]

Eventually, the frog arrived and went inside the lair to rest. Li Qiye had searched in vain for this frog all around the Nine Worlds for millions of years. Now, that he finally found it, he was afraid that frog would escape again, so he patiently waited for it to fell into deep slumber.[120]

Unfortunately, Nantian Hao untimely arrival disturbed the frog and it escaped again. Believing that he has lost an opportunity to finally capture the frog, Li Qiye flew into a rage and brutally killed Nantian Hao along with all of his guards and fellow disciples.[120][121]

For the next ten days Li Qiye tried to find traces of the mysterious frog, but to no avail.[122]

Gathering near the Evil Nest[]

In the meanwhile, Evil Typha Tree again showed signs of activity. Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince believed that there was a God-Monarch's weapon somewhere in the Evil Infested Ridge and so he mistook Evil Typha Tree's bloody light for it. He followed the light into the depths of the Ridge and many cultivators, including Heavenly God Dao Child, followed behind him.[122]

Li Qiye abandoned his hunt and returned to the Cassia Lotus Tree. He prayed for its help and acquired the Holy Water and Six Dao Lotuses to fight against the Evil Typha Tree.[123]

They then traveled to Evil Typha Tree's nest where many other cultivators already gathered. Li Qiye again invited Chen Baojiao to join his side that greatly infuriated Heavenly God Dao Child. Li Qiye, however, dismissed him and ordered Li Shuangyan to kill him. Imperial Advisor Si Tu interfered and stopped their battle before it even started and advised everyone to concentrate on finding the supposed God-Monarch's treasure instead of fighting each other. Dao Child heed the advice and entered the nest with many other cultivators.[124][125]

Before Chen Baojiao could enter the nest, Li Qiye asked her to stay behind for a little talk and showed a secret mudra of the Chen Clan to convince her.[125] Li Qiye revealed that her cultivation stagnated, because she had a rarest Physique in the world — the Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique.[126] He also revealed that he is the only one in the world who can provide a Physique Merit Law for this Physique and asked her to join his side — as a maid.[127]

After Chen Baojiao departed Li Qiye told Li Shuangyan about her special Physique and that if both girls reach Grand Completion, then no one would be able to stop them when they fight together.[127]

In the nest[]

Li Qiye led Li Shuangyan and Niu Fen into the depths of the Evil Typha Tree's nest. They used Lotus Ash to deal with small roots on the way, but main root wasn't in its old lair, so they continued the search.[128]

Unable to find Evil Typha Tree's main root, Li Qiye decided to lure it out by killing as many young roots as possible. He traveled to the part of the nest where other cultivators were trapped by roots. He arrived just in time to save Chen Baojiao and Shi Gandang who were besieged by roots. His group killed all the roots with the Lotus Ash and then used Holy Water to cleanse the roots that invaded Shi Gandang's body. Li Qiye then brought Chen Baojiao and Shi Gandang with him on the hunt for the main root.[129]

After the Evil Infested Ridge[]

After visiting the sealed Emperor gates in the North of the Evil Infested Ridge, Li Qiye lead the original group back to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Immediately after, Li Qiye summoned the little frog that he obtained inside the ridge. Despite its harmless appearance, this little frog was actually the device that the Alchemy God had used to passed down his supreme alchemy scripture, the Alchemy God's Grand Canon. Since Li Qiye had also developed half of what was in the supreme scripture, Li Qiye was able to regained his lost memories regarding the Supreme Alchemy God's Grand Canon after activating the little frogs ability to turn into a Heavenly Cauldron.

After dealing with the Heavely Cauldron, Li Qiye then refined the Dao Bone of Little Silly inside his Vice Palace, taught Su Yonghuang the Extreme Light Immortal Physique Supreme Law, and lastly passed on the Six Dao Sword to Li Shuangyan. After a few days, a convoy consisting of Chen Baojao's family and Shi Gandang arrived at the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. The only purpose for their visit was to drop off Chen Baojao who have chose to become Li Qiye maid. To leave the Jade Valley Country and the Jade Pillar Sacred School, Chen Baojao had decisively destroyed her cultivation at the Named Hero stage and restart her cultivation as well as give all the treasures given to her back to the Jade Valley Country and the Jade Pillar Sacred School. Seeing this determination, Li Qiye did not let her down by passing on to her the Tyrannical Valley Immortal Spring Physique, which at grand completion can rival immortal physiques.

Soon after, the Underworld Boat was resurfacing, causing a great commotion throughout the lands. This is because one is able to rebirth by being buried at the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground. Acting as a middle-man, Demon King Lun Ri made a deal between Li Qiye and the War God Temple. This deal says that Li Qiye will help bury War God Mu at the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground, helping him stay alive for another 300-500 years, while Li Qiye will take one item from the War God Temple.

Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground[]

Ancient Sky City[]

After coming to an agreement with the Demon King Lun Ri, Li Qiye took Li Shuangyan, Chen Baojao, Nan Huairen, Elder Tu, and his four prime disciples to go to Ancient Sky City, a city that borders the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground to wait for the arrival of the Underworld Boat. During their first visit to the city, a store called Ancient Intent Fasting caught Li Qiye eyes due to the three objects: a set of three yellow papers, a bell, and a stone. Although they were placed auspiciously in the middle of the store, the store manager stated that those treasures were not for sale. After being thoroughly impressed by Li Qiye's ability to see through the three objects despite his age, the store manager then guided the group through the store while answering questions that popped up. Towards the end of their trip around the store, a wooden chest - containing a tattered old piece of clothing, a closed box, a hammer, and a gong - once again caught Li Qiye eyes.


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