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After entering the Tenth World, Li Qiye baited the people of the 10th World into trying to kill him, and then using the Death Scripture Laws to steal their Heavens Wills but they were more prepared than he thought and they destroyed his cultivation, but because of the magic of the Death Scripture his 13 Palaces he retained his Grand Completion physiques and 13 Palaces, while managing to light up the 2nd ‘thing’ on the Grand Dao ring.


Time Frame Chapters
12 (1741 - 1753)
  • After getting his cultivation destroyed, Li Qiye retained his 4 Immortal Physiques and 13 Fate Palaces, but they were inactive due to the lack of Blood Energy to power them. (It’s important to note that the power of his 7 Heavens Wills is the reason why he can even house the Immortal physiques as he explained earlier in the novel that without a powerful cultivation the Physique would destroy the cultivator)

Dao DustEdit

Time Frame Chapters
29 (1754 - 1783)
  • Requires only 100 units of chaos energy
  • Even the least talented person could achieve this in a few years
  • Li Qiye decides to only absorb the purest strands from the chaos energy which is why it takes him longer in his cultivation

Dao AntEdit

Time Frame Chapters
42 (1783 - 1825)
  • Requires > 500 units of chaos energy

Dao InsectEdit

Time Frame Chapters
31 (1825 - 1856)
  • Requires > 1000 units of chaos energy

Dao SerpentEdit

Time Frame Chapters
94 (1856 - 1950)
  • Requires > 5000 units of chaos energy
  • In this realm, his Thirteen Life Palaces will open again and be refined by Primordial Chaos Qi until perfection.
  • Li Qiye's thirteen palaces' unmatched recovery speed and additional Heaven's Wills allow for his quick transition to his peak form, allowing him to treat Grand Emperors as mere ants. Further cultivation levels up to and including Dao Celestial are skipped, as even people remarked that "Li Qiye didn’t have the aura of a Heaven’s Will or apex chaos energy on him" meaning that he has surpassed the common-sense definition of cultivation levels.[1]

Dao Emperor(Equivalent or Higher)Edit

Time Frame Chapters
Skipped 0 (1950 - 1950)
  • Requires > 300 000 000 units of chaos energy
  • Li Qiye never competes for the Heaven's Wills of the tenth world, as he views all the would-be Emperors as juniors, or even mere ants, and thus not worthy of his bullying.
  • His power post-restoration of his thirteen palaces is enough to challenge twelwe-will Grand Emperors and ancient epoch old undyings. With the additional Heaven's Wills he is stronger than he was when he ascended to the 10th world.


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