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Li Qiye's own cultivation system.


Mortal (after Dao Foundation destruction)Edit

Time Frame Chapters
2129 - 

Plant the Dao Seed (种下道种)Edit

Time Frame Chapters
2133 - 
  • Li Qiye plants the Dao Seed in a Fertile Soil. The Dao Seed is formed by his True Fate, the Fate Palace Four Symbols and the Three Boats after being refined by tribulations. The Fertile Soil is formed by all the Dao foundation (Blood Energy, Merit Laws, Worldly Essence, Chaos Energy) cultivated in the Nine Worlds and in the Tenth World.
  • "This path required fusing one’s true fate and grand dao together for a stronger power. Moreover, everything came from the self. The self was the dao; the dao was the true fate - no more using the true fate to control the grand dao or using the grand dao to support the true fate! From this, one would no longer need to rely on the heaven and earth."

Sprout the Dao Tree (茁道树)Edit

Time Frame Chapters
2140 - 
  • The Grand Dao Tree, also called Primordial Tree (太初树), is a source of Spirit Energy, called Primordial Energy. This energy includes all others energies: chaos, myriad dao, emotions, desires, etc. From this moment, Li Qiye doesn't need to rely in external sources to cultivate.
  • Li Qiye still could use his 4 Immortal Physiques and 13 Fate Palaces.
  • The Primordial Tree could infiltrate in all worlds causing an early end of an Epoch and the advent of a new one, i.e. a forceful change in the cultivation.

Harvest the Dao Fruit (结道结)Edit

Time Frame Chapters
2247 - 

  • The Primordial Tree has 13 Dao fruits and each one has a different ability. Each Dao fruit is basically it's own seperate Daosource.

1st Dao Fruit: Pine Cone Fruit (松塔道果)
Time Frame Chapters
2247 - 
  • It gives the power to adapt to the Spirit Energy and Laws of any world. It makes his cultivation compatible with any system.
2nd Dao Fruit: Acorn Fruit (橡子道果)
Time Frame Chapters
2450 - 
  • It looks similar to a spinning top. it will always target the core of it's target, so it's proper to say it always finds weak points.
3rd-12th Dao Fruits
Time Frame Chapters
Skipped 2450+ - 



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