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As Dark Crow[]

The body of Dark Crow was immortal, so he lived for millions of years.[1][2] Although he himself couldn't cultivate, he accumulated a great amount of knowledge about every aspect of Cultivation.

Although this holds true for most of his time previous to his Emperor Ascension it becomes unclear whether he was able to cultivate in the 10th World.

Dao Heart[]

  • As the Dark Crow, Li Qiye had trained his Dao Heart to be capable of transforming in other types.[3]
  • Li Qiye developed a Devil Heart and cultivated in the devils' way until he became a Devil King.[4]
  • Li Qiye developed a Imperial Heart and cultivated in the Imperial Soldiers' way until he became a Imperial Monarch.[5]
  • In the current Era, Li Qiye transforms his own Dao heart to a Buddhist Heart and cultivated in the Dharma until he became a Buddhist Lord.[6]
  • Li Qiye developed a Saint Heart and cultivated the holy way.[7]
  • His perfect Dao Heart is probably the reason he can breach other worlds when alone (later confirmed that the reason he’s able to travel is thanks to Su’er finding paths for the crow to fly down with less of the associated pain, albeit he and the Geezer in the grotto are probably the only ones who could survive so many trips down as it is stated that it will cost you years of your lifespan estimated 100,000 minimum)
  • (the most powerful beings in the world chase Li Qiye to "steal" his perfect Dao Heart)(overlords of past epochs want to do this because his Dao Heart can sustain them when the end of epoch come and because he can become a saint so it is their natural enemies
  • Turned his Dao Heart into a weapon by using the Thought Scripture

Great Disasters[]

Fate Calamity[]

Life Reduction[]

Heaven’s Will[]