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Indomitable/Eternal Dao Heart Edit

  • His willpower, basked by hardships throughout the eras, became unshakable.[1] Nothing could ever shake it, and no difficulties could ever make him take a step backward.[2] One hardship that was mentioned a few times was that he was tortured for an entire generation by the Ancient Ming in order for him to reveal the secrets he knew, in addition to their own personal pleasure because he was their nemesis and he could not die.
  • When he was pierced by Du Yuanguang's sword, he did not even flinch, and acted as if nothing had happened.[3]
  • Enormousness of his willpower was fully revealed when he effortlessly walked through all 14 levels of the Chaotic Heart Forest, a deed, that has not been achieved by anyone, even the most talented cultivators, for millions of years.[4]
  • With his indestructible dao heart, no laws can touch him. Even if the world were to collapse, he would still be fine during its destruction.[5]

Vast KnowledgeEdit

Li Qiye lived for billions of years and witnessed and experienced many things. He is almost omniscient and there are not many things he would not know about.[2]

Profound InsightEdit

With a single glance, Li Qiye can pinpoint the origin and characteristics of people or things. Few things can elude his gaze.

Memory Erasure and RestorationEdit

As Dark Crow, he erased his memories, so that the Immortal Demon Grotto did not get access to them. However, the Alchemy God and Immortal Emperor Xue Xi came up with a mysterious method that allowed Li Qiye to quickly understand the truths of any techniques he studied in the past the moment he saw them again.[2]

Scheme MasteryEdit

Li Qiye's most frightening ability. Using his vast knowledge, he has developed schemes to deal with powerful enemies without him moving a finger.[6] Furthermore, he is capable of identify all the schemes or threats and plan the best way to counter or use them for his own benefit. Bu Lianxiang even called him the world's most deceptive liar.

Zither DaoEdit

Li Qiye is a highly skillful zitherist. When Min Ren was still a young boy, Dark Crow teased him for his worthlessness at playing the zither and specifically created the Zither Pavilion to teach the Zither Dao to Min Ren.[7]

  • Flowing Water Mortal Home[8]
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