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Leng Chengfeng was the oldest and strongest disciple of the Nine Saint Demon Gate at the start of the Current Era. However, Li Shuangyan was more talented than him, and thus she was chosen as Prime Disciple instead of Leng Chengfeng.[1][2]

He was in love with fellow disciple of the Gate, Li Shuangyan, and wanted to marry her. He was very dejected, when Li Shuangyan was sent to the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect to marry Li Qiye.[?]

Evil Infested Ridge

He accompanied Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom's Heavenly Prince during his visit to the Evil Infested Ridge and tried to use Prince's appeal and prestige to sway Li Shuangyan away from Li Qiye, but failed.[2][3]

After Heaven Extermination Devil Ape massacred thousands of cultivators, Leng Chengfeng went back to the Nine Saint Demon Gate to bring an Emperor Treasure to assist Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince and earn his respect,[4] but the Gate refused his request.

Ancient Sky City

At the Ancient Sky City he and his master Lei She several times mingled with Li Qiye. Both of them wanted to earn respect of the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom and were secretly given the incomplete Nine Sun Locking Heaven Law, that was actually stolen from the Cleansing Incense Ancient Sect. Li Qiye, knowing the Law better than anyone else, tricked Leng Chengfeng into absorbing the Sun's energy to fuel his merit and caused him to spontaneously combust. The inferno killed him and Lei She.[?]



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