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He was the last Sect Master of the Thousand Emperors Gate[1] and an absolutely unparalleled paragon.[2]

After the Thousand Emperors Gate's destruction, Last Gate Master burried himself in the Ancient Heavenly Corpse Burial Ground and became an Earth Immortal.[1]

Current Era

Millions of years later he was among the few Treasure Lords and Earth Immortals who competed for the right to embark the Underworld Boat.[1]

He was shocked when Li Qiye used "Physique devil stealing the heavens, lightning descending from the Underworld Palace" from the legends[3] and even more shocked when Middle Continent Princess appeared.[4]

He tried to embark the same Underworld Boat as Middle Continent Princess, but failed,[2] and had to pick another Boat.[5]

Jewel Pillar Saint Child

For a time being it was unknown if he was successful in prolonging his life or not. But he choose the right boat and retuned to the Mortal Emperor World. He became Jewel Pillar Saint Child's teacher and trained him into contender for the Heaven's Will. Among many other things, he helped Jewel Pillar Saint Child to cultivate the Hell Suppressing Deity Physique.[6]


After Li Qiye killed Jewel Pillar Saint Child, Last Gate Master allied himself with Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, Space Trample Mountain and Soaring Immortal Sect in order to kill him. Not only as revenge for Jewel Pillar Saint Child, but because a monstrously talented Li Qiye reminded him of Empress Hong Tian who destroyed the Thousand Emperors Gate.[6]

Their attacks were stopped by Bu Lianxiang, who saved Li Qiye and killed all of them.[7]