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Lan Yunzhu (蓝韵竹: Beautiful Bamboo) is the Prime Descendant of the Thousand Carp River. She becomes Li Qiye 's fiancee after he picked up a jade which she vowed with and threw it to the Dream Wishing Tree. Li Qiye then went to the Thousand Carp River to prove himself in their engagement.

She later followed Li Qiye to the Prime Ominous Grave where he helped her obtain the Reverse-Time Shuttle[1] & Night Era Flower.[2]

She was among many people whom Li Qiye brought to the Tenth World with him after he became an Immortal Emperor.[3][4]


She wore a blue dress and had a transcendent aura. Her beauty could shame the moon and flowers and cause the birds to fall while the fishes would dive since they found themselves unworthy. Her figure was amorous and had a charming style. All of her gestures were filled with a transcendental air as if she did not belong in this mortal world.With a spirited pair of eyes, her body seemed to be filled with worldly essence. At the same time, her breath was as refreshing as a pure bamboo forest.[6]




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