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-For visualizing difficulties, a Kun Peng is similar in body proportions to Primal Kyogre from Pokemon.

“ In the northern darkness is a fish, and its name is Kun. The Kun is so large that no one knows how many millions of li he measures. He changes and becomes a bird whose name is Peng. When it furiously flew, its wings flapped like the gates of the nine worlds and was able to jump across the nineteen continents… „[1]



Kun Pengs are a type of Divine Beasts. Some even said that they are the most powerful of all Divine Beasts.[1] According to rumors, since the start of time only around three Kun Pengs appeared every epoch. This was a species rarer than even Phoenixes.[2]

Kun Peng's Six Variants

Immortal Emperor Min Ren and Dark Crow observed a Kun Peng in order to create the Kun Peng's Six Variants.[3]


Another Kun Peng died in the Bonesea and its corpse turned into a Seaside Continent.[1] This Kun Peng had great ties with the Colossal Immortals. One legend stated that they protected this Kun Peng when it was very young and tiny. Another stated the exact opposite, that this Kun Peng was the one that protected the Colossal Immortals because they had a supreme bloodline.[4]

For generations many cultivators and even Immortal Emperors visited the Seaside Continent to ponder the Dao. Thanks to Kun Pengs' innate gift, everyone who had been here obtained fruitful harvests. Among them was Immortal Emperor Wu Gou, who was enlightened to create the Windchase Break.[1][5]


Innate Gift

Kun Pengs have an innate gift - their bodies possess primordial grand dao that induces strange visions. Even Immortal Emperors could be enlightened by them.[5]


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