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Kong Qinru was born in the Exquisite Valley's Kong Clan. She possess an ancient bloodline and is the current Sect Master of the Exquisite Valley.[1][2]

She wanted to change the Exquisite Valley, to keep all of their bloodlines inside and use them to became stronger, instead of marrying them into other lineages to affect the overall situation of the Heaven Spirit World.[2]


Her hair was like a waterfall — soft and elegant. Her eyes were as bright as pearls. They would shine in the dark and reveal her wisdom. Her figure could be described as perfect due to its slim size and gracefulness. The eyes of all spectators would light up before her presence. Her soft breasts were towering and plump while she herself was tall and slender. It was truly difficult to criticize her figure. Adorning herself with a green garment made her look like a piece of exquisite jade in the blue sea. She was wise and farsighted with a gentle beauty.[2]


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