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Kingdoms (上国) are nations far larger and more powerful than countries.

The generally accepted qualification for a nation to be called a Kingdom is to have one Immortal Emperor.[1] An exception to this rule is seen under the Heavenly God Sect declaring their Heavenly Jewel Kingdom as a Kingdom rather than a Country, however their Ancestor is seen as invincible in the current generation thus no one is willing to question them.[1]

It is not enough for a nation to simply produce an Immortal Emperor to be called a Kingdom, Emperor should also recognise his or her membership. For example, Immortal Emperor Fei Yang was born in the Southern Heavenly Kingdom, but he never considered himself part of the Kingdom and did not leave behind any legacy. Therefore the Southern Heavenly Kingdom can only barely be considered a true Kingdom.[2]

Known Kingdoms[]

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Name World Region Era Qualification
Heavenly Jewel Kingdom Mortal Emperor World Grand Middle Territory Emperors Era (At least) None
Southern Heavenly Kingdom Mortal Emperor World Grand Middle Territory Desolate Era One Immortal Emperor: Fei Yang.
Stony Edge Kingdom Stone Medicine World Stone Realm Emperors Era (At least) One Immortal Emperor: Shi Feng.



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