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It was created from the Life Ring of a divine Jingwei, and it helped Qing Xuan sweep through the world during his youth. Later on, after accomplishing his Grand Dao, and becoming an Immortal Emperor, Qing Xuan abandoned it and left it in the Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom.[1]

Current Era

Azure Mysterious Heavenly Prince used the Jingwei Carrying Azure Sun as his Longevity Treasure.[1]


  • Qing Xuan (Azure Mysterious, 玄) used it before becoming an Immortal Emperor, so it is possible that Jingwei Carrying Azure Sun (精卫衔阳) influenced his Grand Dao and title choice.
  • Name of the item is apparently based on a bird from Chinese mythology. In the myth, Jingwei is continuously carries a pebble or twig in her mouth and drops it into the sea, determined to fill it up.


  • 1 Appearance(s) of Jingwei Carrying Azure Sun