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Jikong Wudi was the direct descendant of Immortal Emperor Ta Kong and the Prime Disciple of the Space Trample Mountain.[?]

He was known to the world to be born with three Saint aptitudes: Saint Fate Palace, Saint Life Wheel and Saint Physique, but in fact he was born with King Physique and only later started to cultivate the Ascension Physique.[1]

Jikong Wudi was also one of the top competitors for the Heaven's Will in the Mortal Emperor World.[?]

Heavenly Dao Academy

He was the only student accepted into the Emperor Era Hall.[?]

Buddhist Burial Plateau

Jikong Wudi was among many prodigies of the Mortal Emperor World who gathered at the Buddhist Burial Plateau.[?]

After several events which left him even further terrified and jealous of Li Qiye, Jikong Wudi witnessed Heavenly Emperor Lin and Zhan Shi challenge Li Qiye to honorable duel. Despite the two having no chance against Li Qiye, they still fought him with everything they had in what was described, by the various spectators, as war of gentlemen. Jikong Wudi, growing more and more jealous and fearful, sneak attacked Li Qiye during the battle with the other two. Unfortunately for him, Li Qiye's possession of the Death Scripture allowed him to survive the cowardly attack.[2]

Filled with horror at Li Qiye's apparent invincibility, Jikong Wudi run away and Li Qiye gave chase. He led Li Qiye into the trap laid by Space Trample Mountain, Azure Mysterious Ancient Kingdom, Soaring Immortal Sect and Last Gate Master. However, Jikong Wudi was still killed by Li Qiye,[3] while four ancestors were slaughtered by Bu Lianxiang.[4]