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Jian Wushuang (箭无双: Matchless Arrow) is the inheritor of the Jian Clan and thus the direct descendant of Immortal Emperor Diyi Jian.

Li Qiye

After she was defeated by Li Qiye, she pledged her loyalty to him. Li Qiye gave her the Nine Words True Bow so that she could reach the apex of the Archery Dao.[1]

Beast Realm

Half a year later, Jian Wushuang came to the Beast Realm in search for Li Qiye. He gave her the Destiny Stone to create new True Treasure and also created the Shadow Phoenix Physique for her.[2]

When the Sacred Demon Tribe, the Tombskull Sect, and the Feather Country attacked Li Qiye, Jian Wushuang used the Nine Words True Bow to massacre their entire army. She then used the Bow, the Shadow Phoenix Physique and the Temporal Brightmoon to defeat and kill three Virtuous Paragons: Ancient Treeking, Black-striped Ancestor and Diamond God one after another.[3][4][5]

Tenth World

She was among many people whom Li Qiye brought to the Tenth World with him after he became an Immortal Emperor.[6][7]


Jian Wushuang is a very beautiful woman. Shaming both flowers and the moon was not enough to describe her beauty. She was as prideful as a noble phoenix. She was adorned with an archery dress and had an indomitable spirit amidst her arrogance. Her eyes were as bright as the stars in the night. No one in this world could enter her eyes. Such a bossy atmosphere made others feel that she was a noble daughter who was used to pointing her fingers and getting her way. This girl was like a phoenix who flew out of her golden nest with a noble bloodline. Everything in this world was below her, so she could only look down on them.[9]


Apex Archery. Omni-Extermination

It is a technique created by Long Jingxian and Jian Wushuang in the Bi'an Beastworld.[10]




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